Full 2017 bowl projections, Playoff and all

Has UH v. WKU in the Boca Raton Bowl. It’s truly difficult for me to comprehend why USF is such an overwhelming favorite to win the AAC this year. They’ll likely win the east this year, but I think whoever wins the west (out of UH, Navy, Memphis or Tulsa) can and should take down USF. Sure, Charlie Strong is inheriting some pretty good talent at USF, but he also inherited some pretty good talent at UT and we all know how that went. I just don’t see a seamless transition through that coaching change. And USF’s powder puff pre-conference schedule won’t do them any favors in preparing for conference play.

Guess we’ll see.

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What happened to the Cotton Bowl against I’m a man I’m forty? I like that writer better.


Different writer. Different projection.

I wouldn’t sweat it. I think it’s to our advantage that USF currently sits at 19 in the AP, and appears to be most analysts’ front runner, not only to win the conference, but to represent the G5 in the NY6 bowl. If they win out until Nov 4, and we do the same, a loss wouldn’t be so devastating, because if we take care of business every other week, we see them again in December when they are even more highly ranked. If we win, we are clearly in the driver’s seat to represent the G5. The target is on their backs this year, not so much our’s. Just my .02 on the matter.


I think it’s mainly due to Flowers returning, an experienced OL, and the idea that Strong can improve the defense enough and that he was successful before at Louisville. Throw in one of the easiest schedules since, well, Western Michigan last year and the fact that the West is much better and USF is a safe bet for most of these folks.

Problem is, that defense was horrible last year and Strong didn’t exactly make UT’s defense respectable during his tenure. They’re also bringing in the Briles’ offense so it’ll be interesting to see how their players, especially Flowers, handles it. They also lost their top RB, Marlon Mack, who was a big reason for their success.

They’ll be successful because of their schedule, but those last three games against UH, Tulsa and UCF may be tougher than a lot of folks are predicting.

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Our big question mark is QB, and to a lesser extent, coaching. We know that Applewhite will be continuing the last two year’s momentum and we have great options at QB, but they’re both unknowns for the national pre-season predictions. Strong and USF are quantifiable at this point.

All it takes is a couple of good showings, starting with UTSA, and we will be back in the conversation.

Yeah, I don’t want to get too hype about this season before it starts, but it just seems that most of us on here know more about USF than these so called analysts. The return of Flowers is really the only currently quantifiable advantage I see for them. And I say currently just because Kyle Allen is still a question mark in my mind until I see him play real snaps in CMA’s offense. I think Willie Taggart is a better coach than Charlie Strong, so I see that as a step backward for USF, especially in a transition year.

My ideal scenario for this season is along similar lines with @PacingTheCage. I hope USF and UH are both undefeated 11/4 and that we go into Tampa and blow them out of the water. Because, let’s face it, before USF plays us, they will not have seen even a decent team unless Cincy surprises this year (although I don’t really know anything about Illinois). And Cincy will be their 9th game of the year at that point. I’m hoping that if we both enter that game undefeated, USF will be ranked in the top 10. If we’re in the top 20 (and we should be if we’re undefeated at that point) and blow the socks off a top 10 team on the road…well, now I’m getting too hype. All that to say, I see our game at Tulsa as being the toughest game on our schedule this year. I’m not as worried about Memphis, who has to travel to us on a short week after getting physically beaten up by Navy.

Man, I can’t wait for this season to get started!

Only problem is the playoff committee will be putting out rankings by then. They hate weak schedules so will probably have USF at 20 or so (remember Western Michigan was 11-0 at #21). We would probably be ranked ahead of them if undefeated.

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3 or 4 ACC schools are all picked for better bowls than us, This guy must think we are going 7-5 or 6-6…We’ll see…

Good point.