Full NIT bracket

I don’t fear anyone in this field. But, BYU may be the biggest hurdle in the 2nd rd.

Updated. COOGS now the top seed in the region

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Wow, I guess Cal really didn’t want to be there.

With Cal’s loss, we’ll be hosting all the way to MSG if we keep winning.

Revenge of the midmajors.

4-2 vs Power Conferences.

I’m pretty sure hosting isn’t based on seeding. Georgia Tech was a 6th seed and hosted the game against 3 seed Indiana. If BYU gets past UTA, I’d be shocked if they are not hosting. They have to start out a season 2-8 for their attendance to drop below 10k. That might be once every 15 years.

I believe in the NIT, the best seed gets the choice if they want to host or not. Not like the CBI/CIT where teams basically bid for home games. Too bad they didn’t wait another two weeks to start the renovation so we could play on our home floor.

Too bad they didn’t start these renovations two years ago so we would already be playing on the new floor. Also, if we chose to play our location in front of 5k instead of allowing BYU to host what would be more than 15k, that would probably be remembered with any invites over the distant future.

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As an OOTC I’m just glad we’re not relegated to ESPN3!

Incorrect. NIT hosting is based on seeding.

Indiana’s arena is being renovated. This is why Georgia Tech hosted.

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Now that Cal is out, surely Hunter has talked to McClelland about using their building for however many more games we can host. Surely we aren’t going to let BYU host us.

No. Need to play BYU at home. Get by them, and UH has a good shot in the NIT.

Been enjoying watching Bakersfield fly by the seat of their pants each game. They are an entertaining bunch to watch. And…is it me or do their uniforms look along the lines of something you’d get when you signed up for a summer rec league at the Y? WAC champs ftw.

Bakersfield was the 8 seed in our quadrant. They should have went to the Dance, but they played a 4OT game in the semis of the conference tournament and ran out of gas in the finals the next night.

So we lost to Akron, who lost to UT-Arlington, who lost to the 8 seed Bakersfield.

I thought nobody cares about the NIT anyways?

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I equate the NIT to most bowl games. The fans only care if their team is in it and don’t care anymore once their team is done. The coaches and players only care because it extends the season.

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