Fun month of Jan w/ 3 huge games- Wichita twice. @Cinn

Wichita home & away…@an improving Tulane, ECU…USF and Tulsa in Htown… Cinn to end the month. (that game is in Highland Heights, KY at NKU)

Hopefully Brady is back by Tulane.

We beat Tulane, ECU, Tulsa and USF. Hopefully a split with WSU and beat CInn.

I assume a top-heavy American is good for UH if UH can at least split with Wichita State, SMU and Cincinnati while winning most of the others.

Memphis has really dropped off and I hate to see that but at least the addition of Wichita State will help the SOS for the AAC

If UH were to split with Wichita State, SMU and Cincinnati and win most of the other games, we should be nationally ranked as a Top 20-25 team. I would love to see it, but am not really expecting it.

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Basically zilch for points from the centers & many others issues leaves @ Wichita best forgotten.

We will see them again in a few weeks in Htown.

Bring on Tulsa!

That was sweet. Great to see them come back blazin.

Hopefully we get Big B back for @ECU on sunday.

LSU loss looking better & better. They have been on a roll.

It would be nice if he can get in a little for the ECU game. Hopefully, he’ll be ready for Tulane.

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We need Big B 100% for Wichita in Htown & Cinn later in the month. Hopefully only needing to easing him in will make that possible.

He can rest for both Tulane and ECU. We need him in total against the Shockers!

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@ECU- men v boys for the most part.

On to NOLA.