Fun Stuff: Army vs Navy

A totally biased opinion here: very cool uni’s for A/N game – by Army!
I confess that Navy usually gets all the accolades for uniforms. And mostly deserved. Did I mention I was biased?

Army Football honoring 1st Infantry Division with special uniforms

Those uni’s look fierce. They are pretty sharp. Like them.

Duty First

The guy who founded our group went to one of the academies before leaving due to personal issues.

He’s excited about this game.

Go Army! No Quarter!

The Navy helmets in 2015 can’t be beat! Just realized playing Army is awesome because we should get a bunch of mentions during this game. Hopefully it becomes a blow out so the announcers can really look forward to the bowl game.

These helmets Air Force had were sweet. Wish the conference would add Army and Air Force, the academies have a national audience and maybe if they could get BYU & Boise or SDSU to join who knows. Would be a good looking conference.


I’m with you having one academy is annoying. Having all 3 would be great. No one would ever bad mouth our conference.


Given that we’re in the American, it would make sense.

Three of the schools you mentioned are in one conference. Our group was inspired by one of the graduate groups at Air Force called FNBA.

Fast, Neat, BELOW Average!


Peek at my reply suggesting the same thing on another thread! Great minds and all that stuff…

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The ground pounders all look like Darth Vaders … unfortunately, I fear this Saturday will be …

The Empire Strikes Back … part deux … and the sith will be having cabriltos for dinner …

Navy always has cool uniforms.

I don’t want to expand but Army would be in my top 3.

I don’t see expansion as “the solution”. I’m just not very optimistic we can move the needle enough with our fan base. The last effort to get into the B12 had all the appearances of success. The bigs just don’t want to share the pie. While I’m hopeful that GOR reviews might result in expansion of the current conferences that would include us, I think the shrinking revenue pie will continue to be controlled by existing P5 members. Hope I’m wrong.

Dont think any of the coaches would vote in favor of having to play two option teams every year.

But I do like the idea of the “American” conference.