Future Realignment Thread

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B12 also lost 100% of being back-ness


Wasn’t there a poly sci prof named Oppenheimer that tried to oust sports back in the day?

I know that two law professors, Steven Huber and Robert Palmer, spearheaded the vote in the Faculty Senate to drop us to Division III back in 1993.

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It’s a good thing the Faculty Senate carries no weight.


Army 2 AAC related.

That would be great for the aac with the army vs navy game which is a huge media draw. Hope it happens.


The AAC was good to us when we had no place to go . I wish them well !
Go Coogs !


They are the only service academy not playing in a conference for football so it makes sense I would think.

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If a basketball only school. Someone from A10 ?

“The AAC’s largest sources of attention in recent years — Cincinnati and UCF Football, and Houston basketball — are now gone.”


The less said about that guy the better.

The dude couldn’t teach his way out of a hole.

Trust me. @Lawbert and I both had him for Contracts, and I also had him for Administrative Law. In the latter class, I’d swear I didn’t learn a single thing the entire semester (seriously!!!).

The fact that he was also militantly anti-athletics is just the icing on the cake.


This is why I like Tony Altimore, @Chiklets and @Ron1102


Tony Altimore


Coogs are doing so many awesome things across the board!


Khator is amazing!


Another day/week/month passes and the blue blood ACC lawyers, working 24-7 , have yet to find the fine print to get their clients out of the ACC GOR!

Army could literally go to the NY6 every year in the AAC if they worked at it.

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Good addition for the AAC…the Service Academies are horrible selections for the Power Conferences

Another week passes…those lawyers must be HARD AT WORK finding that fine print!

Imagine all of the billable hours they are racking up to get out of that GOR.

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