Future Realignment Thread

More games with a premier athletic conference?

Curious how blue blood status would play into the next round of realignment.

I don’t even think the conference unanimously agrees to 9 conference games per season

UNC and Florida State are both treading that status as overall college athletic brands.

However, the difference is one is good at football and the other isn’t.

In my opinion, it’s the one that’s bad at football that’s going to get preference for the SEC.

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UNC is an undisputed basketball blue blood.

That makes no sense.

IF ESPN wants FSU/Clemson in another conference, they would shout that they are not renewing the contract. That would give FSU/Clemson leverage to void the GoR. ESPN cancels the contract and there is no valid grant. Why would they stay silent if they want them out of the ACC.

The only way FSU and Clemmie have leverage is if they have somewhere to go… They DONT…SEC has already come out and said they have no interest…I dont think BIG is interested either…FSU angry because they dont get the money SEC does…BOO HOO…They apparently think whining about it and threatening to leave will help…ACC KNOWS they dont have anywhere to go…This isnt likely to end well for either of them… Just makes them look greedy and stupid for instigating it in the first place…and Notre Dame clearly on side of the ACC in this…I hope by Labor day the parties will come to an agreement…ESPN can take their time on the contract extension…They have a couple of years before it comes due…I think they are just waiting to see what happens with FSU and Clemmie…


FSU & Clemson would end up in the Big 12…

Again espn and the ACC are not renewing their contract in 2027. Their contract with espn expires in 2036.

If the contract was expiring in 2027, FSU and Clemson could simply sit back and walk away in 2027.

What the ACC and espn have is a “look-in “ in 2027, to see if there certain parameters within the contract, they can modify to generate revenue. They are not going to renew or sign a new contract.

Ever conference has a “ look-in” in its media contract. It’s not a onetime deal, there are several “look-in” intervals built within each contract to measure gaps

The last “ look-in” was in 2021 or so and the next one in 2027, then 2032 or so …until the contract expires in 2036.

Again espn and the ACC are not signing a new contract in 2027. They are not renewing either or refusing to renew , because the current contract has not expired.

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Agree, FSU and Clemson have nowhere to go.

Again, you are making up facts.

ESPN initially was to make a decision back in 2021 as to whether or not they would extend their media rights contract with the ACC through 2036. ESPN asked for a pushback on this decision that was granted to February 2025.

It’s safe to say that another opportunity for pushback is not possible because the conference would need time to find a new media deal should ESPN not exercise their option to extend the ACC’s media rights come Feb 2025.

That being said, even in the instance that ESPN does not exercise their option, the ACC’s Grant of Rights is still technically in place through 2036. Where things will get tricky is if the ACC is unable to find a media deal that satisfies enough teams to stay in the conference.

I literally gave you direct reference from the actual FSU attorney showing as such, that the ACC has no media rights partner for 2027-2036 as we speak. FSU & Clemson are gone as soon as they reach a settlement with the ACC. Once this settlement is reached, it’s likely that UNC, Virginia, and possibly Miami will have a much easier path to follow an exit without having to go to court.

I strongly believe that the SEC would much rather target UNC & Virginia for expansion. That leaves FSU & Clemson to join either the B1G (presumably at partial shares), or they will join the Big 12 at full shares.

Yormark made sure that the Big 12 media deal with ESPN/FOX included a clause that allows for renegotiation at the point of further expansion.

In my view, the strongest legal argument for voiding that contract after 2027 is the fact that there’s no guaranteed money in it after that date.

In other words, NO CONSIDERATION!!!

Contracts 101: all contracts must have, at a minimum, the following in order to be enforceable: offer, acceptance, and CONSIDERATION.

There’s no valid consideration in that contract after 2027.

No consideration……NO contract.

That’s the main reason I see FSU and Clemson ultimately prevailing.

Even if the ACC wins at trial, I don’t see it being upheld on appeal, for that reason.

I can see that contract being enforced through 2027, with schools agreeing to a settlement in which they basically buy their way out up to that date, but only up to that date.

Before FSU filed that lawsuit, most people, like me, assumed that ESPN’s money was guaranteed through 2036, and that the schools all (stupidly, if true), agreed to be tied into that relatively low payout through that date.

It’s NOT!!!

This lawsuit basically “outed” ESPN and forced them to reveal that they have the option to walk away in 2027, leaving the ACC schools high and dry.

Pretty bad look for ESPN.

Pretty good case for anyone to get out after 2027…

Of course, FSU alleges in its lawsuit, that they only signed through 2036 without consideration because the ACC lied to them by claiming that if they didn’t, then they’d never get another TV deal from ESPN.

We’ll see what the evidence is on that.

If true, that’s almost certainly fraudulent, given that every other conference has been able to negotiate new and better TV deals from ESPN in recent years.

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Without a doubt, the ACC will negotiate and have a media contract for 2027 and beyond (which will likely be at a $$$ level at or above the current Big12 media contract) which will provide consideration.

So to me the legal argument that there’s no consideration seems unfounded and extremely weak.

It seems the common use of the term “$10.00 and other good and valuable consideration” in contracts doesn’t require a HIGH level of consideration, but rather just SOME reasonable level of consideration.

It ain’t in place yet, and wasn’t in place when FSU and Clemson signed and accepted the so-called “contract.”

At the time they signed/accepted…there was only valid consideration through 2027.

Can’t see how this gets enforced beyond that point.

FSU and Clemmie dont WANT in the Big 12…They want where the real big money is…Moving is all about money…but if they are determined to leave, and the other 2 dont want them, well…I am sure BY is practicing his toothiest smile and saying “Welcome! Welcome to the Big 12…” If BIG can have 18, why cant we? NEWS at 11! The FSU Clemmie story is fun to follow…

Not unless they can keep FSU and Clemson…

I agree in theory, but I think people underestimate what the Big 12 can actually provide given that the conference is shared with both ESPN and FOX.

FSU + Clemson + North Carolina + Virginia to the Big12!

Would that make the Big 12 a P3?

One can dream!

Doubt UNC and Virginia would ever join the Big 12.

UNC and Virginia are prime targets for the SEC due to the very reason that the SEC doesn’t currently have those states, and they provide a gigantic boost to the conference’s academic pedigree

How about FSU + Clemson + NC State + V Tech?