Future Realignment Thread

But how do you think their alumni donations that built ND into what it is would be they had not had such early success in football? It may have done well, but not like it has with football.

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I’ll agree on that.

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I am guessing the AAU had little to do with it since it has only been what a month?

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True, but the other parts have been true for a long time.

Montana or Montana St?

That logo they show isn’t the Grizzlies.

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The population of North Dakota is 763,657. They have done extremely well as an FCS school and it fits their situation well. I think it would be a mistake for them to move up. Recruiting against G5 schools would be much harder because North Dakota is not a Mecca that people want to go to. There’s a reason that so few people want to live there.




Well, it’s their old logo but still . . .


The supply of potential FBS schools is running low.
A few with legit upside but some reaches here.
“The Realistic Options”

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B12 also lost 100% of being back-ness


Wasn’t there a poly sci prof named Oppenheimer that tried to oust sports back in the day?

I know that two law professors, Steven Huber and Robert Palmer, spearheaded the vote in the Faculty Senate to drop us to Division III back in 1993.

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It’s a good thing the Faculty Senate carries no weight.

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Army 2 AAC related.

That would be great for the aac with the army vs navy game which is a huge media draw. Hope it happens.


The AAC was good to us when we had no place to go . I wish them well !
Go Coogs !


They are the only service academy not playing in a conference for football so it makes sense I would think.