Future Realignment Thread

Notre Dame’s Independence: A CFP Barrier? (msn.com)

Yeah they used to be a football only member and would play a few MAC schools in basketball.

Everyone Wants Notre Dame To Join Conference After UMass’ Move (msn.com)

Missouri state had several offers from the Sun Belt, CUSA and MAC over the last decade. I think this is their last chance before the door shuts for good.

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We better prove we are a better Texas option for the B1G, than TCU, and prove it SOON!


The 2 x24 P2 WILL be the End Game. (Possibly + 2 P2 level Independents)

With broad geographic coverage, that will satisfy everyone.

I am with you UH1927. tcu brings the Dallas/Forth Worth media market. The big10 does not have a “media/player partner” in Texas. Bringing Houston or Dallas in a potential Western pod makes perfect sense.

We HAVE to do whatever it takes to prove WE are a better Texas option than TCU or TT.

Now if the B1G convinces Texas A&M to switch conferences, we are SCREWED, but barring that…their broad geograhic 24 school conference will strategically want a school IN Texas, even if its a growth stock.

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I did think about it a few years back. The big10 and the sec getting closer is not good for us or anyone outside of these conferences.

That dude is just looking for clicks. He knows nothing about realignment and is just guessing.


Well…i think that’s what’s hoing to happen

TCWho is a tiny brand and a R2 research university. do not believe the BIG would seriously consider them

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B1G adding TCU or TT :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: some folks have too much time on their hands

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They won’t.

Im shocked a guy in Dallas puts Dallas at the top of the list. Shocked I tells ya.

DFW is larger, located closer to, and has more Midwestern folks living there than Houston.

That said, TCU is not a cultural fit at all with the Big Ten.

Not sure anyone cares about cultural fit at this point. Its all brand value and market share


More, or less, of a cultural fit than the 4 PAC additions?

At the pace this is going we will be lucky to have three power conferences.

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ACC Takes Action Against FSU’s Motion, Claims University Has Not Shown ‘Substantial Injustice’ (msn.com)

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