Future Realignment Thread

Oregon State, Washington State announce first schedules as quasi-independents (msn.com)

Amazing actually, on such short notice…OSU plays 1 BIG , 3 PAC and 7 MWC…WSU plays 1 Big 12 , 2 PAC and 8 MWC…good job by both.


Pac-12 Networks ending, but continuing with studio ops (msn.com)

I am curious if they are using this season as a membership audition for Mountain West schools.

Bringing the MWC schools into the PAC is one of the possible strategies for the new commissioner and the 2 remaining members. We shall see. Still lots to unfold, lots of lawyering coming up.

I’m sure that the plan to bring in MWC schools into the PAC. PAC brand has more marketing power. Part of the plan Schultz wanted was to keep the PAC’s power status. Well that got shot down. Which may play in the minds of the schools contemplating a move under the PAC brand umbrella. Why move if no Power status

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The MWC and Pac-12 have no power in the new CFP. They are both considered G5s according to the CFP. According to the new CFP proposals, the Big 12 and ACC are a level below the SEC and B1G. Let’s see where this goes.

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Wow! Oregon St. and Washington St. taking a major financial hit in the new contract. Significantly less than G5s. The amount being reported in not sustainable. At the very least, they need to join a G5 conference to be competitive.


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WSU and OSU think they will be in the Big 12 by 2026.

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Turning the Big 12 into PAC 13 lite is a fantastic idea! I mean just look at how well it turned out for the PAC 12!

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Inviting trouble with Washington State President at the helm

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WSU and OSU are just experiencing what we went through after the SWC. If they get serious about things there is still a future for them.


I like Fitz,I like his commentary. Unless Yormark sure he can close the revenue gap with BB additions only, it’s a huge gamble IMHO…

As I’ve said before, one possibility is a sort of “reverse merger” with MWC, by which the MWC would invite them, and then, because they control the PAC name and logos, allow the MWC to use them. This would create a “new PAC-whatever” which would be a good G5.

Possibility number two is a hypothetical “new PAC” that I saw mentioned on Twitter:

It would have OSU and Wazzu join Boise State, SDSU, Memphis, UTSA, Tulane, and some other MWC schools, plus maybe Gonzaga in a conference that would be as strong as any G5 in football, and be a good BBall conference as well. Only problem: The AAC and MWC additions would have to come up with exit fee money; not an easy chore!

PWC - Pacific West Conference… :nauseated_face:

College Basketball is growing quickly…and it does not have the lengthy “stop and go” that Football and baseball have. I am all for inviting UConn and maybe even Gonzaga as basketball only schools. Like it or not the best Basketball conference does keep us relevant to the media. That is key to lessen the gap with the big 10 and sec.

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I agree that college basketball seems to be the growing and an undervalued sport like Yormark said. If, and that’s a big IF, the ACC implodes, we must jump on Duke.

There will not be anymore big football brands once the P2 ravage the ACC, therefore we should grab the best basketball brands available like UConn, Duke and Gonzaga.

It’s obvious the networks are not going to give us football payouts anywhere near the P2 no matter who we add so that is why I am now 100% on board with adding UConn. Hey, every conference has its football bottom feeders. UConn can be ours.

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OSU has Oregon, Wazzu and Purdue at home. Solid.

Wazzu has only TX Tech of note. That’s like our top team being ASU or NC State.