Future Realignment Thread

Like what? MWC?

What is the win? I am not sitting through a 10 minute video.

To make a long story short, the ACC wanted the Florida case thrown out so they’d only have to deal with their own lawsuit against FSU in North Carolina.

The judge ruled against them.

This means that both lawsuits will run simultaneously, something the ACC didn’t want and which the ACC lawyer called “chaos.”

It was also mentioned that with respect to the Florida lawsuit, Florida may have better open records laws that might force the ACC and ESPN to reveal details of the TV deal that they had tried to keep secret.


They gone.



Yawn…so another day, and they are talking about what “could” happen.

Gotta tell ya.

After this news broke was the first time I’ve ever heard Tony Altimore say that he thinks the ACC should settle.

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I think everyone thinks it will end in a settlement. I think it will be around a $100M settlement since ESPN and the ACC do not want contractual information revealed which will happen if court battles continue.

Looks like FSU is all dressed up and just waiting on to pop the champagne to celebrate. Got a Mexican standoff just what they wanted . Time to talk Settlement

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Here is Altimore’s tweet on the subject, which followed this most recent ruling.


Tony Altimore


ACC fans… I’ve warned y’all repeatedly that corrupt home cookin’ in Florida courts was NEVER going to end well for you, no matter how righteous your cause, straightforward your contracts, or clear your legal arguments might be. Better settle with FSU sooner rather than later.

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Why are the Florida courts any more corrupt than the North Carolina courts. Maybe they should combine all the lawsuits into one cause in a neutral court such as Ohio or Indiana.

yes, because Altimore’s takes are always correct (sarcasm)


Altimore is not a legitimate source. He was horrendous during the last realignment cycle.


He’s not wrong this time, though…ACC will settle, FSU will leave and also establish the cost of leaving…
Clemmie and the Tarheels are taking notes. Going to get REAL interesting over the next year, what goes down in ACC.


Where does FSU go?

You might as well ask:
Where are FSU & Clemson going?
We could see a quick domino effect with Miami and some…unexpected others.
FSU and Clemson leave. Does this remind us of okie and mad cows u located in Austin joining the sec?
Then we all know what happened. espn tried to kill the BIG 12. What could happen next my guess is as good as everyone else.
Then could a consolidation happens between the acc and BIG 12?
I don’t think espn would want to have both conference merge. Remember that espn is in “bed” with the acc and BIG 12. But espn SHARES the BIG 12 with fox…

You serious? The Big 12 and ACC merging is exactly what ESPN wants.

ESPN doesn’t want to keep paying Wake Forest, Boston College and Syracuse anymore. It’s the same thing they wanted for Oregon State and Washington State.

If Florida State and Clemson (and assumingly UNC) leave the ACC, then ESPN has no incentive to renew their media deal with the ACC for the 2027-2036. Otherwise, they would’ve already done it. What are they waiting for?

If there is no media deal, then there is no justification for any team in the ACC to be subject to an GOR if they aren’t getting compensation (Breach of Fiduciary Duty), therefore, it’s in the interest of the best 4-6 remaining teams of the ACC to join the Big 12 so that they can continue making $40 Million a year

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that’s he opposite of a merger. A merger would be the Big 12 + ALL of the leftover ACC.

I personally think the ACC stays intact IF they only lose 2-4 but another option is the Big 12 “invites” 4 members thuise rendering the ACC to G# status.

A merger is a NO GO in my mind. Why in the world would the big 12 want to get that big…take 4 MAX!


ehh it means the same thing essentially

Again, the only reason any worthwhile school would stay in the ACC is if they can get a deal that continues to pay them $30 Million.

No network is going to partner with the ACC that will ever pay them that much without their best remaining brands (Miami, VTech, Louisville, etc). If the ACC only makes sub $10 Million per team, then what is the incentive for say, an AAC team like USF to join the ACC? What are they going to get out of that other than paying exit fees for leaving the AAC?

The Big 12’s strength going forward would be its size. That being said, I agree that 4 teams is the perfect number in my opinion, which is why i created that discussion about choosing 4 teams. However, there are definitely about 6 teams i can think of that should get serious consideration

no…a merger means two leagues MERGE.

the Big 12 should NOT take all of the ACC leftovers .

They voted NOT to merge with ALL of the PAC leftovers once the 4 left.

Same deal…If we raid…we take 4 and NO MORE