Future Realignment Thread

Wait a minute is that…SWC 2.0.


"“I do think the Big 12 is kind of a wildcard from the perspective of they seem to be willing to create a 32-team conference if the dynamics are right,”

Please God, no!

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Create a 32 team conference?? NO conference wants to do that, come on…


How about three 20 team conferences?

It could happen…but i hope ACC can hold together and we stay at P4…


My fear is that if three 20’s happen the Big 12 will lose two of UK, Colo., or Utah to Big10.
However, SEC would need 4 from ACC, leaving us plenty of quality teams to backfill to reach 20. Three 20’s could work to our advantage. The question then becomes, will it end there. Who knows? Personally, I’d be happy to leave things as they are.

The BIG is already at 18. Their targets would most likely be UV and UNC. I don’t think the B12 has anything to fear from the BIG


In thinking it through. What scenario makes that work ?
Cant come up w it for football.

Are they including some kind of scheduling agreement ?
I’m all about MWC hoop getting a few B12 away games every year.

Maybe the SEC gets huge but not B10.
B10 power brokers have their majority of school who have their backs.
Not said as a criticism. Its working out well for everybody in B10.

SEC has its power brokers but it will not matter if adding big brings huge $$$.


Brett McMurphy

UNC trustee Dave Boliek is “advocating” for UNC to join a higher-revenue league. “That’s what we need to do,” Boliek said. “We need to do everything we can to get there. Or the alternative is the ACC is going to have to reconstruct itself. I think all options are on the table”


Unequal revenue share. Dooms ACC down the line regardless.
Few schools will throw $10s of millions extra to make up difference vs Clemson, etc every year.
(except SMU)

32 teams mentioned above. Big12 offers all the remaining ACC ?
Seems like a bad idea.

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32 teams lol

Said this before. The BIG and SEC are done until 2031. FSU, UNC and Clemson missed the plane.

Unless Yormack can convince espn and fox to open the new contract, the big12 has tapped out too.

How did they miss the plane?

If the lawsuit ends with a settlement, which it most likely will, then FSU, Clemson, UNC and possibly Virginia are outta there…

It’s all about getting rid of the useless baggage.

Kill the ACC and force Boston College, Wake Forest, Syracuse and perhaps a few others into the Group of 5.

Add the best 4 remaining ACC teams with value to the Big 12 for inventory. Talking schools like Miami, Louisville, Virginia Tech. Maybe an NC State or Duke

  • ESPN/SEC still gets to keep the rights to FSU and Clemson.

  • FOX/B1G gets 2 great brands with academic prestige, UNC and Virginia.

  • ESPN & FOX/Big 12 expands with 4 revenue-generating ACC schools.

  • ESPN no longer has to pay non-valuable ACC leftovers $30 Million a pop, which will offset the cost to add FSU & Clemson to the SEC.

Call it a day.


Won’t there be enough remaining schools to take the buyout money from the departing four public universities? Also will the departing Us get away with paying over $100M to leave? A&M is paying a coach $75M so I guess anything is possible.

That’s going to depend.

As of today, the ACC has no media rights deal for the period of 2027-2036.

If ESPN doesn’t extend the media deal at the same terms through 2036, then they will most likely offer/renegotiate a significantly reduced media deal to the remaining teams since their best brands are no longer in the conference.

I would be pretty certain that schools such as Miami and Louisville would not accept anything less than what the Big 12 teams currently make. It would make sense for the best schools to jump ship for the Big 12 and eat the exit fee as I assume the exit fee would also be significantly reduced anyway

How can an active GOR be in place if there isn’t a network paying the teams?

TL;DR - I don’t see a day where Miami would ever accept a media deal that pays Miami less than UCF

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That’s well reasoned. The SEC pulled teeth convincing espn to finance it 9th conference game. If FSU and Clemson happens, it will require the ACC completely going belly up to finance the move.

Not convinced that’ll happen unless espn refuses to exercise its option with the ACC.

Not convinced espn walks away, The ACC is a great deal. You don’t walk away from a great deal.

I agree that ESPN would be stupid to not take up the extension. You’re getting three or four top tier P2-level brands at a third of what it costs to pay Rutgers and Vanderbilt.

So why exactly has ESPN not taken the option then? They have to be stupid, right?

Well… my opinion (and it’s just opinion) is that ESPN is banking on this lawsuit to settle in favor of FSU and Clemson. ESPN wants to keep those brands, and given that ESPN is the exclusive media partner to both the SEC and the ACC, it makes sense to get them in the SEC to consistently play schools like Bama, Texas, Georgia, Ole Miss, Florida, A&M, etc… instead of playing Wake Forest and SMU.

While yes, ESPN would be paying 3x the money, they would still generate profit in ad-revenue in the long run because FSU and Clemson are THAT powerful.

If ESPN no longer has to pay for Virginia and UNC amongst the other non-revenue generating ACC schools (Boston College, Wake Forest, etc.), then it would make sense for ESPN to hold out on taking up the option.

The only way I would see ESPN taking the option prematurely is if they felt that FOX (B1G) would show interest in FSU. However, I don’t think the B1G would be willing to compromise their own academic pedigree just to add a school that has the size and brand but lacks the academic prestige

Speaking of UNC…


You lost me at Utah to the Big 10