Future Realignment Thread

This is also true, but this provision also applies to the current active deal.

Separate from the extension option although both would result in bad news for the ACC regardless

There is a misunderstanding. ESPN signed a deal with the ACC that expires in 2036. Not 2027. That deal coupled the media rights agreement with the ACC network.

In that agreement, espn has the sole unilaterally option of getting out of the deal in 2027.

They need to make that decision by February 2025 and there is no rush to do so.

If they choose to continue, the current agreement will continue as is. No renegotiation or new agreement.

Espn could agree to some things in good faith, a look in raise and that sort of of stuff, but the principle agreement will not change.

More likely than not that espn, continues with the ACC. They are as cheap as dirt. Easy money.

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There are multiple threads as to which 4 we take and there are WAAAAAAAAAAAAY more than 4 options.

Remember the Big 12 was down to 7 slappies + Kansas and rebuilt by adding 4 G5s

There are way more valuable “brands” in the ACC if the big 4 leave- Miami, North Carolina State, Virginia Tech, Duke,Georgia Tech, PITT, Louisville than the hateful Eight OU/UT left behind

I think I understand your post.

So are you saying that if ESPN remains quiet, the option is automatically taken?

It was my understand that they have until Feb 2025 to decide if they want to take the option, not opt out of the option.

However, if you are correct then that’s my mistake

appreciate the clarification

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And guess what?

At least four of those brands will probably head to the Big 12 at that point, given that without the four biggest brands, there’s NO WAY IN HELL they get a TV deal better than the Big 12, and almost certainly worse.

At that point, the ACC’s only choice will be to become AAC 2.0.

Exactly, that’s my understanding too. I could be wrong though.

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Those brands aren’t worth it for ESPN as a sole partner.

ESPN wouldn’t pay the Big 12 as a sole partner either with their current terms

ESPN would rather renew with UNC, UVA, FSU and Clemson than have them depart for FOX properties in the B1G.


Read this on Yahoo! earlier. If he is saying this out loud, it means that there have already been “discussions”.

So my money is that UNC is gone in about a year or so.

Tobacco road needs to get the load of money Reality check from one of there Regents they be stupid not take a B1G invite when time comes.

After all that PAC still end up on the CW.

I’m happy for OSU and WSU getting their home games on broadcast networks.

How many UH home games will be on broadcast networks?

I’m curious to know how much are the networks paying them?


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So why haven’t they publicly announced/exercised the extension option yet to their Grant of Rights?

What’s the hold up?

I’ll leave it up to wwhokie1: