FWAA-NFF Super 16 Poll - Coogs #12

Good idea where we might rank when the polls get released today. Note, we’re still ahead of Boise State. Just need to win out from this point forward

Brett McMurphy confirmed that winning the conference is the only way to guarantee a NY6 game. We can still get an at large bid if we finish high enough. If we’re in the top 15 after this loss, there’s still plenty of time and a Louisville game to jump us back into the top 10, which should be good enough for an at large bid. If we beat Louisville, every other team in front of us is likely to lose a game before the season is over. I can see a scenario where we win out and finishing around 7 or 8. Despite a disappointing loss, if we’re still in the top 15, we’re looking pretty good.

Tweeted pretty much the same thing. This season is a long way from being over. Unfortunately we may have lost Bowser for the season. That one hurts and creates a big hole to fill.

I thought Bowser was only lost for 4-6 weeks. By my calculations, that would put him back as early as Tulane on 11/12 or as late as Memphis on 11/25. The sweet spot would be having him back for Louisville.

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