FYI Gate 4 long lines // Gate 1 short

Same as last week…

They need to get this in order man

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Pez talks a good game, but isn’t delivering


We had no trouble in parking garage and right in. Lots better this week. Now if the sun would go hide lol


we’ll evaluateafter the game. I’m jus pulling around scott street. hoping i find a gate to slip through no prob…sounds hit and miss

Gate 1 is where the general public enter. They only check bags and scan tickets.
Gate 4 is the player guest entrance. The people working the gate have to check ID, verify off of a list, then issue a ticket, and then the person has to have their bags check and then finally enter.


Here you go, entering logic and common sense into the discussion . . . . .

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I entered through Gate 4. Nobody checked my ID. There is a table set up that I’m assuming is for what you described. The line getting through the metal detectors took longer than getting the tickets scanned.

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I arrived much earlier yesterday and had to scan my own ticket while the workers watched I couldn’t believe it.

That brings up an idea. They should let us put our own cheese on the nachos and draft our own beer.

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When entering the red lot the attendant told me to just point my phone at him and he’d let me in. I had a pass for the red lot, but was having trouble getting it on my ‘not very smart phone.’

My experience was much better this week.


I’m down.

My group just went through gate 1.