Gabe Grant Gone Too

officially have 1 free scholly to give

Surprising…thought he’d end up staying.

Definitely makes things interesting.

Kam McGusty, come on down.

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I’d look at this guy:

This is a bit of a head scratcher :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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would be an amazing pick up but we have no connection to him and everyone will be looking or a grad transfer big like him…id put our likely hood of getting him very low…
but he would be an amazing get i just dont see it

Not totally surprising. Most likely CKS informed him that his playing time would be minimal next year.

If he xfers down to next level, he could play immediately. Probably a good decision for him.


I’m expecting us to have two scholarships open before the end of April. Will be interesting to see how Sampson uses them.

Who might be the other IYHO !

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I am surprised. Grant was actually seeing the court some during the NCAA tournament. I expected him to contribute next year.

I am pretty sure Sampson knows best though …

Adewunmi. We are absolutely loaded at guard. He’ll be our 7th guard next year. And it won’t get much better after next season. Especialy if we land McGusty and McCullar.

Anybody remember this guy? 6’9 shot blocker Dimon Carrigan.
Maybe the Coogs can look at him again, to my understanding he is now in Texas at Odessa Junior College.

Seems like a coach doesn’t tell a player his time NEXT YEAR will be limited unless he knows for certain that he has someone coming and that someone is going to be better. Seems like a tough call for any coach to make in late March.

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These transfers are happening all over the country. Let’s be glad it wasn’t someone higher up on the rotation this time. Top 25 teams are losing starters out of nowhere these days. It’s a weird time for college basketball.

Let’s replace him with a legit big man.

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We are 1 legit big man from being a really really good team.

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Not surprised and I could see one more player leave.

And I too would like to see us add a legit big man to next year’s team.

Duarte’s response to S&H Pawdcast’s grid of available scholarships after the Gabe Grant news :thinking:


By “off the grid” does he mean coming or going?

This is the grid he is referring to (He’s saying there will be another scholarship opening up soon)