Game 1 Observations

We have a mix of north/south (Mathis, Campbell) and Speed/agility (Sneed, Jenkins). Our OL got whooped early and often. Maybe that is scheme or play calling too. But they were not good run blocking and pass blocking was poor in many key spots.


I actually can’t argue with that. We suck as a sports city. We just have so much a la carte choices. Our fans compare every play to the best performance alternative. At this point its about rearing new generations of fans with new traditions and new energy.

I would let those kids (students) that came out energized and staring into a solar flare go out and outreach for more fans. Increase student seating another 5,000. You lose revenue on those seats but you’d raise the value of the 35,000 other ones. You want the market to value your product higher on a per-ticket basis.

My seats would cost $200-$250 a game per seat at most p5 stadiums. I’m not paying that right now because the market views our seats as “high availability.” Good for me. Bad for our events finance division.


I’ll rewatch to get a TV view, but from my point of view the JEDI are evil!….

I mean it looked like DS was just game managing and the play calls were conservative again. As a result, DS did not look like an above avg QB, as has been sold to us. Three thrown balls that hint toward possible INT habits, didn’t see him go through more than one or two progressions, the second being a RB, and I didn’t see QB run speed for a “Dual threat”

Not a dis, just calling how I saw it from my seats way up top after several :beers: lol


This is how i saw it, too! I think UTSA brought their D game too!

I’m predicting a 6-6 record at best.

We won the turnover battle and we won the penalty battle that is how we won the game.


Smith is running an offense with no gimmees. WR have to run their deep route even when the DB is playing 15 yards off and you could play pass and catch all day.
This is great prep for the pros, but terrible for consistently winning in CFB.


We went into a zone and made utsa have to beat us underneath. And picks were the result.


I sit on the visitor side and UTSA fans didn’t get into the game until the last few minutes.

Dana and the team in the post game press conference commented on how they fed off the crowd and their energy. Definitely wasn’t “vibeless”.


I could barely hear the UTSA crowd except for maybe one or two times.


Looking at the scores across our conference… offense is trash by comparison. No more excuses for an offensive coach. Defense also could not contain the run. I hope they improve, but that gap to keep up is very wide.

Where’s the post game presser

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Scroll, i posted it last night in its own thread


I didn’t have a problem with UTSA fans. They seemed good sports.

And because everyone isn’t standing up didn’t mean they weren’t loud and supporting the team. I thought the 3rd and 4th downs out crowd was pretty good.

Also like that our fans stay quiet when we are on offense, only cheering after a play, like the well educated fans we are.

There’s always that one guy standing up trying to get the crowd going when WE are on 3rd and 4th downs. Yeah, you’re the problem, Buddy.


Which is interesting because they sounded loud on tv. The mics must’ve been in that corner.

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The tackling, yes! Miles ahead of last year.


OL needs to improve, which it should as season unfolds, or we’re not going anywhere.

Yes and it starts with Rice.

This win was huge for our chances to make a bowl. We are the betting favorite against Rice and SHSU. So hopefully we go 3-0 in OOC. We would only need to be 3-6 in conference to get a bowl. Make no mistake this one was huge! Great win!


Yup, especially since Dana insists on running the ball straight up the middle. No creativity.


For what it’s worth : Defense was physical, DBs played well, we played a ton of guys on defense, OL play was bad, rbs didn’t have any room to run, play calling was horrible, best group of receivers we had in years, Donovan doesn’t have the great QB instincts you’d like at this point but he didn’t turn it over, crowd was great. I know we have 42 new players but I read that Texas State had 71 and Colorado had 84 and they got it done.


UTSA was what I expected. Experienced, good run game balanced passing when needed. I believe they will bounce back strong.

UH was better than I expected. First game and a lot of key new personnel. D. Smith looked poised but lost early on. The WRs seemed to be off on their routes some early. But the whole team kept improving throughout the game.

UTSA offense was running up tempo and no-huddle most of the 2nd half. Our defense kept the pace up with the Road Runners. I was more impressed with our D doing that. They came to play, in shape, and with no giving up.

I’m excited for this season.