Game 1 vs Wake Forest Thread (COOGS win 8-1)

1-0 Wake Forest going to the Bottom of the 5th
Triolo (0-1) singles
Hollis (0-1) flies out to left for the 1st out
Grimsley (0-1) Ks, Triolo steals 2nd though
Wong (0-2) singles to center driving in Triolo (1-1 Tie)
Padgett (0-2) up…Wong steals 2nd…Padgett triples to right scoring Wong (COOGS lead 2-1)
Davis (1-2) doubles to left scoring Padgett (COOGS lead 3-1)
Fuentes (0-2) Ks for the 3rd out

Going to the Top of the 6th, UH leads 3-1

Romero back out with 9 Ks in 5 innings

Since I’m coming in late, a note:

Julks is out because he was ejected in the Championship game against UCONN last year and has to serve a 1 game suspension.

Top 6th
Single, K, K, K

Romero has 12 Ks through 6

UH leads 3-1 in the middle of the 6th

Scheiner, Lockhart, Triolo due up

Bottom 6
Scheiner (1-2) hit by pitch
Lockhart (1-2) up…Scheiner to 3rd on an E-1 on a pickoff throw…singles to center scoring Scheiner (COOGS lead 4-1)
Triolo (1-2) doubles to center, Lockhart to 3rd
Loepprich on for Parker Dunshee (5.0+ IP 9H 6ER 0BB 5K)
Hollis (0-2) safety squeeze scores Lockhart, Triolo to 3rd…1 out (COOGS lead 5-1)
Grimsley (0-2) walks
Wong (1-3 R RBI) up…Grimsley steals 2nd…Wong Ks looking - 2 outs
Padgett (1-3 3B R RBI) singles scoring Triolo and Grimsley (COOGS lead 7-1)
Davis (2-3 2B RBI) FC to Short - 3 outs

UH leads 7-1 going to the 7th

Ullom is starting tomorrow vs Nichols State…TBD still in regards to Sunday’s game against Wake Forest

What’s Romeros velo?

Low to mid 90s

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Romero done after 6 IP, gives up 5H 1ER 0BB 12K

Aaron Fletcher makes his return in relief

Top 7th
Walk, FC, Double play

Mid 7th, UH leads 7-1

Fuentes, Scheiner, Lockhart due up

Bottom 7th
Fuentes Ks swinging
Scheiner (1-2 HBP R) singles to left
Lockhart (2-3 R RBI) Fielders choice, Scheiner out at 2nd…Lockhart to 3rd on E6
Triolo (2-4 2B 2R) grounds out to 2nd

Top 8th, UH leads 7-1

Top 8th
Walk, infield single, fly out, double play

Mid 8th, UH leads 7-1

Hollis, Grimsley, Wong due up

Bottom 8th
Hollis (0-2 SAC 1RBI) singles to center
Grimsley (0-2 BB R) singles to center, Hollis to 2nd
Wong (1-4 R RBI) flies out to center
Padgett (2-4 3B R 3RBI) singles to right…Hollis scores…Grimsley out at 3rd…Padgett to 2nd (COOGS lead 8-1)
Farish relieves Loepprich (2.2IP 5H 2ER 1BB 2K)
Davis (2-4 2B RBI) Ks swinging

Top 9th, UH leads 8-1

Top 9th
Ground out to 2B
Single up the middle
K looking
Error on Hollis, runners at 1st and 2nd
K looking

COOGS Win!!! 8-1

Romero goes 6IP striking out 12. Grayson Padgett goes 3-5 and drives in 4 leading an offense where every starter, but one, gets a hit.

Nice win over a tourney team last year. Tomorrow Ullom vs Nichols State.

Their starting pitcher Dunshee is a preseason All American. We got to him for six runs, nine hits in five innings. Nice to have some hitting to go with the pitching. If we can hit consistently, we are going to be a very good team.

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Agreed. The pitching on this team should be elite, as it has been for the last few years.

Hopefully what happened last night continues. The talent level in the batting order is better than what we had last year, and the new hitting coach is an improvement. Only question will be if the young/new guys can get spun up quickly - from what we saw last night from Lockhart, Triolo, Padgett, and Grimsley, things are already looking good on that front.

Also nice to see Fletcher back on the mound. He’s a top notch talent that was derailed by injuries last year.

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Current and former player mentions (also threw in a future player and an Aussie in there) prior to/during the game:

Postgame videos

What ? No one taking a knee ?

Agree about Fletcher. Have always liked him. Was having trouble at the beginning finding the black but then settled in. If he is back, we will really be salted with just about anyone we throw out there. Anderson already is pretty quick with the hook if you can’t find the plate and this year will be no exception with all these arms.