Game 20 review

Coogs better not dwell on this game, UCF is next.

Its the lack of rotation CKS runs. Needs to get TA confidence back!

agreed, i would love for TA to earn his way back into the rotation and gain Sampson’s trust. Would love to see a true 9 man rotation with the 4 backups all getting 10-12 minutes. but Sampson isn’t handing out playing time just cause

No… But if UH wants to win the chip he will have to figure out how to expand his 7 man rotation whenever UH plays a quality team.

Did anyone with a better grasp of the Xs and Os than me have any take on what, if anything, Temple was doing special on D that disrupted our offense so much? Or did we just flat out poop the bed for some reason? Our offense hasn’t looked that stagnant since the Kent State game

They made a concerted effort to cut down our game in the PAINT!

I still feel like we got plenty of good looks. We just couldn’t make them.


temple did a great doing the individual things on defense, closed out well, no clean 3 point looks, kept the ball in front of them on the dribble, most shots were contested

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I did notice they disrupted Roberts and didn’t let him get in rhythm. Touches by Roberts were accompanied by quick double teams.

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I feel like Fabs would’ve gotten us the 2 points we needed out of the last 2 possessions to win that game against Temple…

J’Wan is getting there, though…

J’Wan was not in the game… and he did get the HUGE 3pt play. Stupid phantom foul at the end on Dunn. Bad call!


True… I meant getting to Fabs level as a scorer in general in my response to Coog1992.

My point that Fabs would’ve gotten those 2 points still stands… Winningest Coog Ever! :grin:

Agree Fabian was CLUTCH!!!

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