Game 3 review

This is the greatest NCAA team to see the court. Books will be written


I think we’re better than Gonzaga.

Kentucky and UNC vs Houston would be interesting


Not better than the 1983 team no way even though we didn’t win it all, that team was the best!!


After three games against subpar competition?

We’re beating teams by an average of 37 points. Call them whatever you want, that is still a ridiculous figure.


Sure, it’s great. I’m not crowning them champs just yet, though. I want to see what they do against real teams who will put up a better fight.


No one is crowning them champs yet. Lol


Maybe ehog was saying it tongue in cheek, I don’t know but “greatest NCAA team” after three games against subpar competition. I have to see what we do against real teams first.

I am always deadly serious. My posts are rock solid. Print it


at this point in the season we are probably the best team in the nation…
removing the homer glasses “in part because a lot of the other top team are figuring it out with freshmen”

the great:

  • mark is a lethal driver, the view of him being 3rd fiddle guard to our fans, and 4th to the draft folks will be short lived (he’s right up there with the rest)
  • dominant game from sasser without the sparkle… amazing defense on abmas, great rebounding numbers, 19pts
  • arcenueax has sky high ceiling
  • the best defender this game might have been chaney
  • really good rebounding by ramon
  • that was a high skill layup from j’wan to start the game
  • sharp is the best outside the rotation player we’ve had under sampson, likely ever in the program… said this before, probably a starter on the early Sampson teams. his defense isnt bad, not the worst on the team

not bad, there was nothing bad in the game… but random thoughts:

  • Francis “wants” to be a scorer, im not sure the skill matches the mentality but he was aggressive trying to score often ignoring open good passes in tunnel vision… most of our other bigs accept the passive role, so its different
  • jamal’s shooting starting to seem like its a mental thing
  • we are really deep but only have 1 ball…some guys will produce a lot less than theyd like… we scored at will and 2 starters felt they had bad games
  • elvin will not get many shots this year, he isn’t paired with rotation players looking to get him shots like previous, he is paired with top tier talent fighting for PT. and honestly im fine the top tier talent taking shots and improving over passing it to elvin

You must be new here if you think ehog was being anything but sarcastic. Lol


Oh it’s 50-50. Have you seen this team. They are bananas


Chaney showing really quick hands when guards drive him. Impressive


He seems to have a lot of Sasser in his game, sans the step-back. I get the feeling that kid can go score almost at will. His time is coming.


Which will make things really interesting next season if Sasser is the only guard to leave.

Shead, Mark, Walker, Sharp, Wilson, Arceneaux (can probably play him anywhere except for the 1 and 5). A lot of guys there wanting to get minutes. And that is before mentioning we want Dedan Thomas to reclassify into 2023.

I don’t get Sasser vibes. I get Cumberland vibes.


With so much depth, you hope that players can get consistent touches/shots each game.

Though i like having different leading scorers, in big road games, you’ll want your experienced players taking shots

I do think Coach knows this and cuts the rotation to 8 or 9 guys, once we approach conference play

“subpar competition”… you acting like it was mcnesse and alabama st

we just beat 3 competitive mid majors, 2 of the 3 are seen as auto-bid teams … they arent elite but were good tests


Northern Colorado won 22 games last year, I heard

you know who i see… rob gray… sharp is faster than cumberland…he scores like gray, similar speed, loves to use his body …