Game Day Give A Ways

What give a ways did you really like or dislike from last year? What would you like to see for this year?

Loved the pint glass and parking sign. I think everything was pretty much solid this year.

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I unfortunately stayed til the end of the game so I didn’t get a pint glass. Didn’t get the parking sign either but don’t really have a parking place to put it.

I liked the pint glasses and the gloves, although they were kinda small.

The pint glasses were the best.

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Pint glass no doubt.

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Pint glass, if I had gotten one. Like the fellow above, stayed til the end, none left.

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I stayed til end of game and they had tables right outside exits handing pint glasses out… but I guess not at all exits


Yeah, I love the pint glass.

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We were some of the last to leave the night of the pint glasses. I picked up my pint glass and they had dozens left.

I liked the parking sign myself. I have it hanging in my office. I need to get a bigger office. All the Coog memorabilia is filling it up.

Parking sign and flag. Both are in my cubicle at work.

I love my pint glass. I don’t remember the parking sign. Any have a picture they can share?

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The buff and the flag was good too.

Forgot about the flag. My wife got one and so did I. She took hers to her classroom and hung it up. Even though she’s a Tech grad, she’s getting kids excited about UH. They did a class project over the history, mascot, and famous alumni. Pretty neat stuff.

I stayed until the end and got my pint glasses as well, in fact, I don’t think that they were giving them away until the game was over.

Parking sign (at work office) and Flag (hanging from my front porch).

pint glass, we need one every year to collect…
I liked the flag too