Game day shuttle, who has taken it?

My 3 are thinking about taking the shuttle to the game Saturday due to parking situation in TSU garage. Who has taken it and what has been your experience? Thanks to all who answer.

Haven’t been to a game yet this year. What’s the situation at the TSU garage?

It has been great. Your car door to stadium door. No issues. Busses run about every 15 minutes. First bus returns at end of game. I think they start about 1 1/2 hours before.

When school is in session, lot 12 parking can be tight.

I have taken the shuttle for every game, and it has been very efficient!

For those who haven’t been, the TSU garage can get clogged getting out. If you don’t mind waiting in line, it’s probably okay. The only game-day shuttle service I’ve taken is in downtown Pasadena to the Rose Bowl. Ucla has that nailed. Very efficient.

I’ve used the garage for every game, but the shuttle does seem to be popular and is right on time every game from what I’ve seen.

Garage is ok, but you won’t be leaving it for a good 30 minutes after the game.

I’m so going to this game. It’s a shame that Chris Harris is injured.

I used it for the NIT game last year and it was good. This will be my first time out to see a game this season so lets see how it goes tomorrow night.

I have used it. It is great.

Where did you catch the shuttle?

Parking lot 12 in SW corner of TDECU stadium.

I thought it was great.

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I think they should keep it next year when we move to the New palace :sunglasses:

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I walked there from the cage 3 times. Straight shot of about a mile. Nice walk. TSU has a nice campus.