Game day

I think the addition of the dj and some other additions makes the game much more enjoyable. I like every time we score the announcer says touchdown htown.


Game day experience is getting better IMO. Glad to see that are making a commitment there and hope it continues to evolve.

Bring back the “growl”!

Bring back the “palm trees” (obligatory post).


I got to my seat 26 mins before the game started yesterday and they didn’t do the new chant while I was there. Did they do it before I arrived? I hope this means they scrapped it.

They did it just before kickoff, but the TSU band was also playing, so it wasn’t really audible.

Must have been in the restroom. Oh well. Whatever the reason, I’m glad I missed it.

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Just can’t get into this. Leading Whose House or even some new chant about the cage would be better.

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It is too long to be a chant !


So what was wrong with (south side chant) “Houston” (north side) “Cougars”? It was clear, got loud, should have been everything wanted in a college chant.


I liked the back and forth Houston Cougars chant well enough. Wish more actually participated so it would be loud. Might be better if we did it during tv time outs or something when we have more folks in their seats.


Rob Gray led the ‘chant’ - cool idea but needs to be shortened.


I’ve only seen the north side south side Houston Cougars chant work 3 times…2015 vs Memphis, vs Navy, and vs Temple

The best version of it I ever heard was the first time they tried it in the Rob when Case and the Coogs beat Tech in that shootout. It was loud and impressive!

The DJ everyone is speaking of . . . . . is he/she/it playing the music during time outs over the PA ? ? ? ? ? If so, and IMHO, that is why the school has a band, cheer leaders and PA announcer, not to mention the “big screen” . . . . . Maybe I’m showing my age, but the “noise” provided by the DJ bores me, offends my senses and eliminates me from conversing with my fellow attendees . . . . .


It’s what the kids seem to want. I see a few games each season at Kyle Field and the corps has taken a backseat to DJ like music blaring during timeouts and between plays to the point where you hear some sarcastic claps when the band plays. It’s like they adopted the NBA way of ruining the experience for the older people…

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Do we have a school of Otology ? ? ? ? ?

I would have to say that we do not have a school focused on the ear.

We should look into it. Kids today, and many adults, are subject to extremely loud music and other noises, causing damage to hearing. I do believe that Ontology will be a major medical field, beginning in the very near future . . . . . (some sarcasm insinuated) . . . . .

Yep…Very awkward, especially with the celebrity running across the field and not actually saying anything. Celebrity on a microphone doing a “Whose House” chant would be so much better.

The Houston…Cougars chant struggled because 1) they shortened the time between the teams coming on the field and kickoff. Felt rushed in TDECU because everyone’s cheering for the players, then you have the coin toss, and then they had about 1 minute to try and get that in. Worked better at Robertson because there was more time to do it and it always took a couple of rotations before the fans got into it.

But I agree with @Itcoog, the atmosphere is much better this year than it was last year with the improvements. Still needs some tweaking, but good job AD.

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