Game Notes: Houston vs. Texas Southern

Noticed on the pregame timeline from the video above that there was no mention of the Cage Sway. Has this gone away? I got into the Zona game just before kickoff, so didn’t notice if they did it or not. I am 100% behind letting that forced tradition die, but was curious if anyone knew if it was done.

Yep. Dead as it was a holdover from the previous regime that folks weren’t crazy about. I will say that it made for a great video opp for the Rice game last year when the players had Houston on the back.

Replaced by the HTown Declaration. Not sure if that one will stick either. Rather them just do a Whose House chant.


Thanks Patrick, kind of what I figured. While I can appreciate the idea of the Cage Sway, I would say it always seemed forced. Womp Womp on the other hand, I really like, especially how it came about more naturally.

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Agreed. We should probably just stick with womp womp before the game and let it be. Any kind of forced tradition before Houston games will always suffer due to the late-arriving crowd.