Game Thread: 2019 Fiesta Bowl | UCF vs LSU (12:00pm on ESPN)

Shake up the committee again UCF

Their fans will be unbearable for another season if they win but I am still rooting for them to win.

Sorry I’ve switched teams this time. Rooting for LSU. Hear me out. UCF is going to get a P5 invite if they keep winning just like TCU and Utah did, and I fear we will be left out again. This is no longer about the AAC, it is about them and how great they are and how our terrible conference allows them to stay undefeated. That’s not a fair assessment see Bama with the SEC but it’s life in the G5. UCF needs to come back down to Earth with the rest of the AAC. They’ve done all they can do to promote us.


I’m with you.

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I normally pull for the AAC teams in any bowl. But being raised an LSU fan, going there for 2 1/2 years, and my sister graduating from there, I have to pull for LSU. They will always be my 2nd favorite team behind UH.

As for UCF, they would have their hands full against LSU as it was; but without their QB, I don’t think they can pull this one out.

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UCF winning won’t affect our p5 chances.

Everyone knows we should be in a P5 considering our success beyond football. We just technically poached a P5’s head coach. He wasn’t fired lol

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I see the point, but we aren’t really competing with UCF for a spot in a P5 anymore. ACC, B1G, PAC12, and SEC won’t take UCF. Their only hope is the Big12 and ESPN doesn’t want them in the conference because they don’t want to give FOX access to college football in Florida. We don’t have a shot at the Big12 right now because, the schools up north and FOX don’t want us…but, we have a shot at the ACC and PAC12.

I’m leaning about 55/45 UCF. It won’t hurt my feelings if LSU wins.

I wouldn’t be suprised if this game gets higher ratings than the actual playoff semis


Does UCF have a decent QB?

Mack played during the AAC Championship and did well. He’s only a freshman, but he looks good.

So many people want LSU to win lol

UCF lookin pretty good so far…

Touchdown UCF!!! 7-3 UCF

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Punch them right in the mouth UCF!

Doesn’t ucf winning mean our conference gets a better bowl pay out? Or did the American get it just for ucf being in the fiesta?

Sounds like a bunch of excuses to me. :wink:


Payout is set when they made it. No $$$ reward for winning other than exposure and maybe helps influence the TV contract a bit.

Well, I mean, UCF isn’t up for this game because they couldn’t get into the playoffs. :wink:

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