GAME THREAD: #5 Houston (21-3) at Cincinnati (15-8) 2/10 3PM ESPN2 (W 67-62)

Let’s make the 6 game winning streak 7…!!!

Go Coogs!


Is Cumberland putting up good numbers this year? I assume he is a key contributor.


only saving grace about these away games is least they don’t completely ruin our resume like tulsa and east carolina :sweat_smile:

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This is almost entirely pre-Sampson.


If you have the time, take the opportunity to listen to the entire interview. (Especially the last few minutes). UH is so fortunate, to have the entire Sampson family involved with the university.


UC fan here. But I respect the crap out of Houston. And I’m pretty sure Kelvin Sampson built his teams to compete with Mick Cronin teams so the respect goes both ways,

Houston doesn’t score at the rim. They rarely even shoot from 2, so UC’s shot blockers won’t be nearly as handy as it is against other teams. But to me… the X factor for both teams John Newman (likely a Big 12 DPOY candidate) and Jamal Shead. To me both are elite glue guys but that almost feels like an insult to say. Newman is always tasked with Guarding a teams best player. And he’s pretty damn good at it.

This is a rivalry that UC hasn’t participated in since the Cronin days. UC needs to win this game at home for this game to mean as much as both teams need it to.

If UC loses, my guess it’s because Jamal Shead put his team on his back in a hostile environment.

Wes Miller has slowly started to close the talent gap that widened when Mick left. He’s made this so much more tougher. UC is one of the few teams in big 12 play that hasn’t been blown out. Every game is 2 possessions or less. I expect an all out war at least from the Houston side. If UC can match it then we can steal one from an outstanding Defense Houston team.

I however don’t believe in the Houston offense nearly as much, its efficiency numbers are held up by insanely great rebounding numbers and really good protecting of the ball. From a shooting perspective, Houston isn’t great from 2 or 3, can’t make free throws and doesn’t draw fouls. So for UC to stand a chance, they need to rebound like they have all season.


Have we ever won at Cincy on “Neon Night?”


If newman can guard Shed as well as McCullers did then it will be a battle.

Ooof, w that mediocre write up, Darn lucky for Coogs be 20-3. Keep the luck going Coogs. :wink:

Edit: I’m still trying to put the #s together if they can’t make 2’s or 3’s then… :thinking:
All good Justin, good luck to the Cats after Saturday afternoon.

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I’m expecting a close game. WKRP can most definitely win this game. I’tll will take a big effort to win.

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What I mean is that they have a top 20 offense in efficiency.

But they are:
109 in 3pt FG%
266 in 2pt FG%
304 in FT %
266 in getting fouled
213 in eFG%
314 in average offensive possession length

But the reason Houston has a top 20 most efficient offense is being #6 in offensive rebounding and 12th in the not turning it over.

Houston plays slow as a snail on offense, misses a lot but gets the rebound 39% of the time. And never turns it over.

The biggest reason Kansas kicked Houston’s butt was because they dominated the defensive glass from the tip. If you can do that to Houston while they are on the road you can win. But that’s much easier said than done. Houston is 3-3 on the road for a reason. They never shot more than 13 free throws in those losses
And they didn’t rebound the ball to their normal average.

The way to beat Houston is obvious. But that doesn’t make it easy.


Appreciate the write up.

Edit: usually visitors from the outside gives us notes on what their team does well or doesn’t do so well. Not the other way around, so i was just jostling w ya. Appreciate u being good Sport abt it.

Luckily the game is played on the floor, not on paper-- stats, I guess.


lol the dumbest promotion on earth.

Neon night but now it’s also a blackout.

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You sir, do not watch cougar games

65% or cougars offense comes from 2 point field goals.


This going to be another nail biter. I have seen Cincy a couple of times and they are definitely better than last year. They have played everyone tough and close and they are playing at home before another rabid crowd.
Frankly I don’t expect us to win, but hoping the Coogs can overcome my expectations. I wouldn’t mind that at all…Go Coogs…


Butch, Coogs will be favored n I expect them to pull out a close game.
Don’t let visitors intimidate you like that. :unamused:


Danny, that was some hard cheese coming from the Riverfront City. :ok_man:

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Naw I don’t pay much attention to visitors lol…I have gotten nervous before every Cougar game for the last 60 years. It’s just in my DNA…Guess I come from the old school where you never take the other team lightly and sometimes I go a little overboard…
That said Jesse, I am hoping for the best…and fired up to play another really good team on the road…


Havent seen that big of a diversion since UT fan came to the forum a couple weeks ago saying Ut expects to lose by 15

Never trust em