GAME THREAD: #5 Houston (21-3) at Cincinnati (15-8) 2/10 3PM ESPN2 (W 67-62)


I already projected this as a loss in the 11-7 thread but hope I’m wrong.

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Ive watched Cincinnati play.

Simas Likosius. Good player.

John Newman III, solid.

Dan Skillings Jr, gotten better since last yr.

Lakhin, Bandaogo and Reynolds as the bigs.

Point guards: Day Day Thomas & Jizzle James

Cincinnati i think has a week to prepare for this game

Much more talented team than last yr. Wes Miller is recruiting well


we need to get this road W


Miller can coach too. This one will be a battle.


Definitely need this W cause after watching Baylor at home last night vs TT I don’t think we will win there


That and the rise of online sports fantasy betting. Dont think for a second the powers be dont dictate sports in that regard. If millions lose millions on online sports fantasy they will stop playing and that is loss of big money.

negative Nancy over here.

what am I missing with Cincinnati? they lost to Xavier, Dayton, TU and WVU

did they have a player or players come back that were hurt or out?


Same. Not any tougher than playing at BYU, though.

Just a hard fighting team in a tough arena. They were just as hard fighting and the arena was just as tough last year and we swept them.


I was hoping you would mention Jarron Cumberland lol

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No what I was saying I don’t think we will win at Baylor that’s why we need to beat Cincinnati, Cincinnati did beat TT in Lubbock so it ain’t gonna be easy


I think we win 68-62 or so but they look quite better vs last year

The things that worry me is that had a mini-bye before this and good lord help us if he get reffing as bad as it was yesterday vs a team that could actually use a win over us lmao

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They had an off week (or an open week). A bye is when you advance automatically in the postseason.

Sorry, just a pet peeve of mine.

Any conference road game will be tough. But I expect us to prevail.

Bearcat fan here. UC’s roster was in flux in the early part of the season. Both Aziz Bandaogo and Jamille Reynolds were ineligible as second-time transfers, before the Ohio AG sued the NCAA, who relented.

Just before the Dayton game, Simas Lukosius was hit by a car while crossing the street near campus. He was pretty beat up. Then, C.J. Fredrick, the best shooter on the team, went down with a hamstring injury in late December. He’s just now getting to shoot around.

It should be a war. Your Cougars are clearly the better team. If the Cats can handle the strong double teams they should be able to stay in the game.

Here’s an interesting stat regarding playing UC. After their nine B12 games, the opponents have gone 0-9 in their next games. Could be an anamoly, but maybe they’re just beaten up.


Not sure if you have had chance to watch them this year. Very decent team & have been in lot of close Conf battles. They’re trying to play their way to the bubble list. They will be tough task as far as a Road gm for the Coogs.


I agree this is a difficult game. I would say it is every bit as difficult as BYU or Texas and we were fortunate to get out of those places with victories.

Plus Cincinnati is one of our most played opponents and historically they have kicked our azzes.


UH = 66.70
Cincinnati = 59.72

Expect a close one, maybe determined in the last couple of minutes.


My life expectancy decreases with every road game.