GAME THREAD: #5 Houston (21-3) at Cincinnati (15-8) 2/10 3PM ESPN2 (W 67-62)

Whoever hasn’t noticed great improvement in Sharp’s game, particularly handles, driving to the basket, defense and just general aggressiveness isn’t paying attention.

Still say Francis is most improved though. He went from being a liability on offense to an asset and his presence on defense changes things for opposing offenses.


Sharp has that fearless streak, that “I’m going to keep shooting and try and win the game by myself” mentality. I notice it more so in Sharp than in Cryer. Dunn and Arceneaux have not shown it, and Walker and Wilson haven’t played enough to show it, but my guess is if they had it and CKS had confidence that they could produce, they would be playing more.

UH will have a lot of X factors in the tournaments and Emanuel Sharp will be one of them. Do not be surprised if he is a leading scorer in a game.


Agreed. I think Sharp plays phenomenal defense. His shooting doesn’t concern me, they always eventually fall. Keep shooting, let the team get rebounds, and we are good to go.


And Sharp’s demeanor/game attitude makes the difference not only in his performance but in his improvement and willingness to learn and improve.

Compare that to say one Mills when he was here. And hate to say it but Arceneaux’s main issue has been between his ears. He needs a Sharp want to and a Tugler motor.

I spoke to Sharp last season and he told me he has bought into this program with Sampson :100:%.