GAME THREAD: #6 UH vs. DAYTON 11/19 7:30PM ESPN (W 69-55)

This one could very well be competitive much of the way. Our analytics are going with Houston here by single-digits. Houston 68.37, Dayton 59.93.


Let’s Ride Coog Nation!!!

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After the football team’s performance, I’m looking forward to the basketball game.


Thank god for basketball season and the Sampson family.


Kelvin Sampson is a blessing immeasurable.

Go Coogs.


It’s game day!

Going to be a loud hostile crowd tonight


Can we get a matchup breakdown?

UH looks to be a 12.5 point favorite

hope we come out swinging!


Paging @ehog

Dayton is basically Towson on illegal steroids. Nearly all of their players and coach would be disqualified for illegal texting in the days of old. But alas, it’s a new age of NCAA basketball.

Their frontcourt is shorter than their backcourt, which is a rarity in today’s game. They don’t concentrate on spacing at all, rather they form rugby-like scrums and emerge with a layup on the other side. They shoot either from inside the key or from beyond the NBA 3 line. Nothing in between. Their offense is offensive to most teams.

On defense, their aggressive style draws many faceguarding and illegal hands to the face flags. They have twice gotten flagged for 12 men on the field. They guard the three points line like it’s the two points line. They will go into a prevent defense in the second half if they carry a lead. Best to avoid that situation.

In the end, they play shorter than they look, but their wingspans make up for that. Cougars by 17.


Thank you as always for your contributions.


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im gunna need to get a nap in today if im going to try to stay up for the whole game tonight.


@Kyle_Be_Coogin you going to the game tonight?

Does anyone know the last time we’ve won one of these early season tournament titles? If I recall correctly we lost in the final of one of these to Wisconsin a couple of seasons back. It would be nice to finally bring back some hardware after so many years.


Diamond Head Classic. Beat Washington

Washington was ranked and then fell apart later in the season

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Pretty sure that’s the only one we’ve won in a couple decades because I think I remember us making a really big deal about winning that one. Would be nice to win another tonight.

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Was that the one in Hawaii?

Santos for Dayton is shooting 70.8% from the floor and 54% from 3. Damn.