Game Thread: Cincinnati at UCF (UCF wins 38-13)

Bounce House.

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Kicker got blocked hard when he went for the tackle. Not been a great day for that freshman.

BTW, ECU is winning the pillow fight. Up by 13 at the half.

Didn’t see that until the replay just now. Surprised he didn’t lose a shoe

Crowd is impressive

Winning 22 in row will do that.

UCF defense and special playing lights out.

Very Impressive

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The UCF attendance is making the conference proud. Tonight is a HUGE night for the AAC.

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Individually we’re athletic enough to keep up with UCF but they’re going to have a field day going over NoD’s prevent “defense”

We do have to get past Memphis on the road for that to be even close to a concern. haha

Sure, but it’s fun to size them up and talk in theoreticals

Huh temple was playing Orlando…

Right. Temple played at UCF. UCF gives away 12,000 free student tickets. How many do we give?

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Memphis will be tough at home

Yep true. My bad. Memphis had 38,8k hosting UCF but I’ve blown my chance to make a good point. haha

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Yes, sizing up is fun. I do it a lot. It’s just bringing up “NoD” just two days after our injury riddled defense had what might be it’s best game of the season during a game between two teams we might not ever play this year, feels more “dead horse” than “fun.” Maybe?

UCF’s no-huddle, high speed approach is killing their own defense…DOH!

UCF’s defense gave up first downs on 3rd and 11 and 3rd and 12 in the first quarter and 3rd and 13 just now. They should fire their DC. smh

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That RB Warren for Cincinnati is a man. Old-school kind of RB.

Get Stuard some weight and keep that edge…

I really hope they let Stuard run the ball next week

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I think that is a done deal. Him and Carr will split reps is my assumption.

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“Crowd noise isn’t a problem in this conference usually“

Can I be allowed to call Fowler a couple of names.