Game Thread: Cincinnati at UCF (UCF wins 38-13)

Let’s be frank. Playing an undefeated UCF in the conference championship IS our NY6 bowl!

Let’s go UCF.


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Man ABC primetime!! That’s BIG!!!

I think our best chance at the championship is if Cinci wins. NY6 is a pipe dream at this point.

That’s why I’m saying if UCF stays undefeated, it would mean more to us than an actual NY6 bowl.

To be the team that ends UCF’s streak. End’s their playoff “hopes”. And top it all off by being the conference champion. I’ll take that over most likely losing to a top 10 LSU or Georgia with half our team out for the season.


Have to beat Memphis first

Jealous of that crowd!


I concur this notion

Winner of this game essentially wins the East.

Cinn host ECU and
UCF host USF next week

The schedule worked out pretty good. The conference probably thought that UCF and USF was going to be the big deal at the end of the year and it turns out UCF and CIncy are both ranked while almost every other ranked team is playing someone unranked this week.

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Ironic when it shows Lee Corso on the field after the Cincy TD. Lee predicted UCF. Let the curse begin.

Jealous of that D

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Funny you should say that. Applewhite hired Mark D’Onofrio from the unemployment line 2 days after Cincy hired Marcus Freeman from the Purdue coaching staff.

Cincinnati has real defense putting pressure on QB, u watching no Dorito no defense!!!

We just can’t afford to make poor hasty decisions anymore…with the talent we have…there’s no reason why we can’t be prime time like UCF.

True, recruiting is affected by p5…but picking a super important position like the D coordinator off the volunteer YMCA unemployment line is a joke


All day I’ve been thinking; how do these teams have so many healthy players?

True, sometimes you get unlucky…but coaching and conditioning also play a part


Cincy’s gotta finish better on offense.

These two teams are healthy but look at teams like Arkansas, Michigan State and Wisconsin and then realize, we aren’t close to being the worst off.

I think it’s mostly just dumb luck. 2016 we had one guy “accidentally” break the face of another, 2017 we were relatively healthy all season long and 2018 we seemed to have a different starter go down from 1 game to a whole season all year long. No coaching and conditioning in the world gets you ready for a player tearing something in his knee cause he slips on concrete or breaks his leg running into a little red wagon after a TD.

Ucf fans are having a great time!