Game Thread: Houston vs. Purdue Take 2 (W 8-4)

(3) Houston will face (2) Purdue at 12 p.m. CT on Sunday in an elimination game. The winner of that game will face (1) North Carolina at 5 p.m. CT Sunday.

Watch Live: ESPN3 / Watch ESPN
Live Stats:

Purdue will throw Ryan Beard (5-3, 4.26 ERA) in the first game today against Houston. Beard has performed well of late, but the junior college transfer will be making the biggest start of his Boilermaker career. The good news is that Houston is out of American Athletic Conference Pitchers of the Year since Aaron Fletcher threw a complete game against us on Friday and Trey Cumbie lasted 7 innings against North Carolina. The bad news is that their bullpen is fully rested. We will likely see Ryan Randel (5-4, 4.54 ERA), but their bullpen has pitched just two innings so far, while ours has thrown 11.

Note: If I was the Coogs, I’d save Randel and pitch Hurdsman in this game. Same thing as the first game, need to get to Purdue early and keep them off the basepaths as much as possible. Don’t want to fall behind and be down after 7.


Top 1st

1 out walk. Randel picks him off. 2 out infield single. K ends the inning

M1…No Score

Bottom 1st

Leadoff 4-pitch walk for Bielo. Double play erases him.

T2…No Score

Top 2nd

1-2-3 inning for Randel

M2…No Score

Bottom 2nd

2 out single for Hollis. Coogs leave him stranded.

T3…No Score

Ump had a wide strike zone that inning. Two Coogs called out on strikes…one inside and one outside.

Also, Coogs sent their pitchers to the bullpen before the last inning; Hurdsman did head down there, Bond did not.

Top 3rd

2 out HBP. Steals 2nd. Walk. Groundout to Hollis strands the runners.

M3…No Score

Watching on E3 here and you’re few minutes ahead. Hopefully get some big bats coming in

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Stream is about 2-3 pitches behind. I’m listening to Branham who’s about a pitch behind live play.

Can’t listen to him n watch espn3 w/o knowing whats going to happen.:roll_eyes:

Bottom 3rd

Etzel with a leadoff single. Infield bunt single for Lovelace, Etzel to 2nd. K and a double play end the threat

T4…No Score

Dolan calling for espn3 is actually decent used to call Astros gms during down years

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Oh yeah, I like Dolan…just like Branham more. Dolan does a lot of basketball games for the Coogs on ESPN, really knows his stuff.

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Top 4th

Leadoff single. Followed by a walk. Sac bunt moves both runners up. That’s it for Randel…Rooney pulls him for Ott.

Infield single, run scores, and runners on the corners…Purdue leads 1-0

Hits the next batter to load the bases. Wild pitch goes into the dugout, 1 run scores, runners at 2nd/3rd…Purdue leads 2-0

Walk loads the bases. Ott is done, Hurdsman on to pitch.

Great play by Hollis to get the double play.

M4…Purdue leads 2-0


why would u take Randel out. Bullpen been weak all year. I tried to say Fri nite don’t get all puffy feeling against Purdue. Not easy beat same team back/back. Horrible coaching decision to take Randel out. Not a man in bullpen been consistent all year.