Game Thread: Navy at Houston

Let’s get the win!

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TD! Where are all the students

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Tune 2 Bradley-67 yard TD


Off we go!!!

Of course I missed it watching the ACC misery.

Tune looking good early! Go Coogs

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now on espn2

Didn’t get to see it, deep bomb?

yards after the catch

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Navy has a mobile qb…uh oh

Lost defense right in front of me.

Thought that was King for a second

Over-pursued. Right call though.

So many times this year we have a blitzer with the perfect shot and they run right by the QB??? I dont understand it. Stuart has been an expert at that this season. Not his fault on that play though. I didnt catch the jersey number…

Thank you, O shea

F’n a, fumbke

Why would 59 go for the ball?!?!?!

So Mutin is just gonna let the upback run right past him huh?