GAME THREAD:SWT (4-6) @ #3 UH (12-0) 12/21 7PM Big12/ESPN+ (W 72-37)

What : University of Houston men’s basketball back in action
Who : Southwest Texas State Robertcats (from San Marcos, Texas) men’s basketball team
Where : The friendly confines of the Third Ward Thunderdome, the Fertitta Center
When : Thursday, December 21st at 7PM Central / 5PM Pacific

Per the analytics, this one shouldn’t be close. We’d expect Houston to roll. Houston 70.64, Texas State 47.19.



Southwest Texas State ??

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Not sorry.


Ok. Whatever works.

That’s funny… I didn’t even notice that. Must be how ingrained SWTS is in my brain


Laughs come easy on here.

Are you upset that he called them “Southwest Texas State” or something? What’s the big deal?


Why are you worried. My post was to JUtah

LDW-- Lane Departure Warning-- alerts driver when vehicle is crossing over into another lane.

Because you seemed mad about it. So, I asked to make sure. Since it’s not a big deal.

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Everyone knows it’s Southwest Texas Teachers College these days. Sheesh, guys.


I changed the title to the correct name.

UH is my school, my 2 brothers went to Texas State. My oldest son is at SHSU and my youngster just got into UTs college of engineering to join the field im in. (I tried to sway him but UT is an excellent academic university)

This is a Coog board but people have ties all throughout Texas.


Exactly my thoughts Peter. Well said!


Is Southwest Texas State any good this season?


Noooo! What does that have to do w anything .

Edit: UH Football was terrible this year if you missed it. Both still great Schools for State of Texas.

Edit: Coogs fav by 25+ . You already know the answer b4 you posted. Amongst other schools in their Conf, im sure they’ll be ok.

:laughing: :rofl: :joy: :laughing:

This board sometimes…

Southwest Texas State. Southwest Texas State. Southwest Texas State. Voldemort. Southwest Texas State. Southwest Texas State. Southwest Texas State. Beatlejuice. Southwest Texas State.Southwest Texas State.Southwest Texas State. Southwest Texas State.Southwest Texas State. Fight Club. Southwest Texas State.
Southwest Texas State. Southwest Texas State.
Southwest Texas State. Southwest Texas State.

Yeah, I said it. Come at me bro. :smile:


It’s funny at some of the things our fans get worked up about on here sometimes.


I don’t pay attention to SWT. That’s why I came to this thread. But instead it was filled with an argument about a harmless joke that the OP made and became the focus.

I think its the lack of maturity & insecurity that is shown on here from some, that rankles some of us.

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Excuse me but you could have skipped right past my post but as usual as you’ve done many other times you chose to come at me as you’ve done several other times. That’s why my strong comeback, it wasn’t a first or be the last for you.
Hopefully you understand now.

Edit: i know u saw what the score was expected to be so…

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