Game time

Is it really so difficult to get to a Sunday game on time?

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if the game next week is really at 11 am. Yes it is if one likes to attend Church.


We made it but I had to hurry my wife.


Same. I was still at my place at 11:30am. Traffic wasn’t bad. We didn’t miss much action. I think a total of 6 points scored when we got to our seats.

We left home about 9:30, stopped for croissants @ Burger King, then continued our drive. Arrived in the Stadium about 11:10. Over 5 minutes into the game, people were still searching for their seats and blocking many peoples (including YT) view. I’m about to decide sitting in my recliner not only is more comfortable, but also a much better view of the game. . . . . I’m through bitchin for now . . . . .

I don’t know why this is a thing now. What happened to waiting till a timeout or break in the action before moving to your or from your seat? Oblivious.

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It’s a “me first” world now and it doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. I am in Row 2 of one the bigger sections. I waited until the ball went out of bounds but then I had to hustle down to avoid blocking anyone during the action.

11 AM is VERY early for a Sunday game. It’s a good thing it’s the final home game AND against Memphis AND maybe to clinch the AAC title or the the crowd might be very light.

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Reasons used by UH fans to not go:
Saturday day time kids soccer

Sunday church. 11am is really early for a Sunday tip.

It’s 2020: you can add kids sports to Sunday morning too

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Doesn’t everyone?

As for the church thing, I told my pastor I was missing two Sundays in a row, he totally understands since he graduated from UH in architecture before becoming a pastor.


Is his first name Tommy ?

My pastor told me no problem too…but I will have to get baptized again and ask to rejoin the church lol…


No, his name is Fred Willis. He is the pastor of Holy Covenant United Methodist Church in Katy. He grafuated in Enviromental Architecture at UH and got his Master of Theology at SMU.

Just wondering. I started in Architecture at UH (before EE) and a fellow student graduated Archy and then became a preacher.

Maybe something in the water in architecture :sunglasses:

It’s rare to have someone start in something else and change to EE. Usually it the other way around.

I contend that 18 year olds NEVER know what they think they want to be !!

Church is a great reason!