Game Timing is Awful for Viewers

YouTube tv you can do it.

ESPN + you can search for the game and it’ll pop up

Idk which other streaming thing you use.

Yea right? Maybe see the score on scroll. We are not SEC

I just record both games. Will be watching the Coogs but I can watch Bama and Georgia later if I feel any interest. If not it’s gone at the push of a button. Will save the Coogs game to watch a second time if it’s a good one.

YouTubeTV has unlimited storage for recordings and you can access a recording for 6 (I think) months. You can set up your favorite teams and it will record any game that is airing on your channels.

The F Fwd through commercials takes a little practice but easy once you have mastered.

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I don’t know about YouTube but I have a large 70 inch HD on the wall on top and a smaller 47 inch HD below it … nice on away games on Sat. from 11AM to midnight and Sun watching Redzone and Texans live … it will work this Fri night and Sat for the championship games and later bowl games … as I stated BestBuy is selling HDs for a song and more now during the holiday season

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Married to a bulldog, but were in Houston now so her game will be on upstairs!!


Isn’t marrying animals illegal?


Believe it or not, not everyone cares about the SEC. That game will draw more than ours but the numbers should be monsters for both.

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Mine is 71”.

Well mine is 75” so HA!

Uhhh … getting back to normal … the weather BTW will be great in Cincy this Sat …

No rain or snow … partly sunny and cloudy … 51 daytime 32 at night … rain moving in Sunday …

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Curious how y’all do it when recording games… when watching one game, how do you avoid seeing the score of the other game in the scroll so there is no spoiler? I set something in front of the scroll… anybody else do this?

Hallelujah! we haven’t had this much excitement since 2015-16

I use my remote to hide the score by holding it in front of my eyes … I gauge when the score will be showing up… Fox and CBS rarely post scores … ESPN is a ticker tape of rolling scores but they let you know what is coming up …

My brother in Austin usually lets me know if an upset is brewing by texting me so I am constantly changing channels during the day but can still see two live at the same time

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Is our money based on viewers? I don’t think so, so who cares. GO COOGS.

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Just not Kosher

Meh. There are only so many time slots. I don’t care who’s on the other channels when we play.

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Mine is a bigger but I won’t tell you how big.

I can’t stand the ticker at the bottom of the screen especially when you record a game. I usually take a beach towel, preferably 100% cotton and hide the bottom of my screen.
I have hulu (I know the stinky rodent owns it) and I can’t figure out on how to get rid of the commercial.
My wife and I record some great shows but man it is painful to seat through the ads.

P-S: have you seen the William Shatner, Medicare Coverage Helpline commercial?

“Don’t miss the enrollment deadline!”
He ought to win an Emmy awards for it.

You would have to upgrade Hulu to the no ad one.

I know stupid but you basically get the standard one with Disney + or by itself there’s an option in the Hulu app.

Yeah, the UCONN game was so compelling, I couldn’t switch channels.

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