Gameday Thread: #25 Memphis at Houston

Super late edition!
Which UH team shows up to play today? Vs SMU or vs Tulsa?

  • Houston
  • Memphis

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Your question doesn’t match your poll?


Lots of Memphis fans

at the game?



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Lets go Coogs!

please let our offense show up tonight, and let big Ed wreck shop!

Bad news this is!

Paul Wall/Swishahouse music all night? I can do this.

Nice 3 and out

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sure wish we would run some different variations / plays out of that “king in motion sweep to the outside” play.

every time you see King in motion like that, you know what the play is going to be, seems pretty predictable. maybe a fake? a pass?

King would have gotten a first down there if King would have been throwing it to him.



Dropppppppped passsssssssss

Drive killer.

This is painful.

thats dropped pass (bad pass) hurt.

need to go down field more. these dink and dunk passes are not working.