GAMEDAY Thread: HBU vs Houston, 7pm on ESPN3

HBU is 0-4 vs a tough schedule.
“As of Monday, Nov. 25, ESPN ranked the Huskies’ strength of schedule as the ninth-toughest in the nation.”
@Tulsa, @Oral Roberts, Vs Tec (Midland, TX), @Mich.

5 guys from NC on the roster.Almost as many as the Houston area. They have some size.

HC Cottrell has been at HBU a long time.
“sixth-longest tenured coach among active NCAA Division I head men’s basketball coaches, entering his 28th season leading the Huskies with a record of 475-389”

UH off till Texas State on 12/4 after HBU then deep into SEC Country @ South Carolina on 12/08.

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They had a lead at Tulsa and stayed close pretty much the whole time. I watched most of that game they’re scrappy. They’ll hang around if you let them.

The game will be at 7:00 PM, not 8:00!

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Fixed it.
8:00 for me in Tampa.


UH currently favored by 25.5.

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This will be a blowout victory.


Maybe it will, and maybe it will be closer than you think. Do you not think that HBU circled this game as soon as it was scheduled? Those kids will play their hearts out in this game and I wonder how amped our guys will be. We are dealing with 18, 19, and 20 year olds here, so we may have a harder game than you think, at least for a half, maybe into the 2nd half.

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I’ve seen us play HBU before. It’s never close. If it is, then we’ve got issues.

I would expect us to win by a large margin.

I just want to see us play as a team. We need to gel (jell???) and we need to do it ASAP


We are a work in progress and will remain the same no matter the outcome tonight…

Is it game day? Where is everyone?!

Go Coogs!! 5 minutes till TO can’t make it cause I’m working but I’ll be watching

Nate looking good early.

Fabian once again proving to be clueless with the ball if he can’t immediately pull up for a jumper.

Why can’t we make free throws…?

CKS in summer after Armoni and before Grimes said the frontcourt would be the strength of the team. Man am I glad Grimes got that waiver.

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Nate looking very good tonight.

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If not for a couple of bs calls on the Coogs it’d be a bigger lead refs helping HBU out early

Really want to see the offense play together, and like there’s a plan.


Deeky starting instead of Sasser. Fabian with 2 good possessions in a row there. We might want to use him like Brady instead of Devin Davis he has some good footwork. It’s all confidence with Fabian when he gets to work and is decisive it’s usually good.

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HBU is not a good team.

We need to take advantage of this game to work on some things.

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Our offense is so whatever this year. Work for a point blank 5 footer brick repeat repeat. And it’s the whole team. We do seem to be laying off the 3 tonight.

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