Gameday Thread: Houston at #17 USF

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Dr Khator is going to be at the game. Was USF Provost before taking over at UH. Besides turning down her alma mater, Purdue, she has also turned down overtures from Stanford and Virginia.

So, did Charlie inherit more talent at USF than Applewhite did at UH? The word is that our defense may be experienced but it’s not as talented as last year with four top players heading to the NFL.

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One thing for sure Tri is that Applewhite did not inherit a quarterback like Flowers…


USF has played an extremely weak schedule thus far. Does your question need answering? If you lose 4 players off defense to NFL you can’t be as talented as year before…maybe at Alabama…not at Houston. The depth is an issue as well.

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Sagarin has USF schedule strength at 123.
UH 65.

True, but we’re ranked 62 in Sagarin and they’re 31. However, as you know, the only team with a worse SOS than USF in the top 75 is Marshall. Hopefully we catch them today and contain Flowers with a healthy Ed Oliver.

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On the road vs a top twenty team, could be a big day for the team.

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This would be huge:

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Another big one:

Coogs in an upset 21-17

Was listening to the pregame show and had to turn it off during the Applewhite interview. At this point I miss Briles and his “nothing has changed.”

Not a big crowd.

Nice job to blow up that bubble screen where we normally give up plus yards to our opponents.

Nice 3 and out, don’t throw to the sticks to even give us a chance, and then follow it up by a penalty.