GAMEDAY THREAD: Sam Houston at Houston 9/23 6:00 PM ESPN+

Hey, we are favored by 11.

Hey, we have more talent.

Hey, we are the better team.

Hey, ESPN analytics says we win.

Dana, don’t mess this up.


How is the tailgating crowd? Look like a good showing?

I’m hearing it’s going to be hard to find a parking spot for this big game


I’ve never cared about the outcome of a game less.


This is one of those games where I’m happy if we win or lose


Whatever it takes to end this nightmare.


Majority bets are under 37.5. This should be a doozy.

You mean a Snoozy


Some people said the same thing about Rice but Sam stretched and warmed up for 45 minutes. We did the same for like 10.

losing this game wont do anything to move along a coaching change if thats what youre implying with a loss, how they do in conference play will do that; might as well win this and win it big.

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Parker Jenkins starting Let’s goooooo!!!

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probably the worst in stadium atmosphere I’ve seen in sometime besides Covid. If CDH leads to more of this then that buyout might need to be paid given how bad game days will be

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I got people in my seats… :grin:
Coley dropped to 3rd string

I’ve had season tickets since the stadium opened and I’ve never noticed the heat in the bathrooms. Just had to point my toes the wrong direction and came out looking like I got sprayed with a water hose.

The highlight of the game right here. I have this image of him strutting onto the sidelines and grabbing the headset from CDH saying “let me show you how it’s done…hoss”


I hope we score 11…

Someone go door to door and beg the students to come on out lol