Gameday Thread: SMU at Houston

The offense is still a concern for everyone, and with the possibility of many injuries to key players, who wins?

  • SMU
  • Houston

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We lose if one of these things occur:
Lose the turnover battle
Our QB gets sacked more than twice
Ed Oliver is absent for more than half of the game

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Looks like pretty good weather today with low humidity and low chance of a scattered shower. Conditions for game should be nice. People can say revenge isn’t important, but they donkey stomped us last year. Beat the 'Stangs!


Agreed. I am optimistic about our chances given our Defense. Like you, I am concerned about the offense, but I am getting the impression that the coaches are starting to feel the pressure to open things up on the offense.

On the positive side, all of our games will be battles to the end. So they will add a lot of entertainment value. In the end, All I want is a WIN and a Championship!

Go Coogs!


Add drawing more penalties than SMU

4th game in the season. Everything I listed are the a that can be corrected and should be by now. With of course the exception of Ed Oliver’s injury status.

Guess Oregon State doesn’t travel very well. Is that their section that’s empty behind the goal line? PAC-12 doesn’t travel too well as a whole.

Gameday vibe in the green lot tailgating seems ‘meh’ I hope it is not how the game goes.

Hmm, a flat feeling? As long as the students pile in, it will be okay.

SMU in white tops and gray pants

First time this season the student section is empty during the cage sway

The way I see it. If we win big, we can still win this division. If we win close or lose close, we might be the type of team that plays to the level of the opponent and end up around .500 in conference play. If we lose big, all bets are off and it will be a long, long season for all of us loyal Coogs that never turn our back on the team. The second half will most likely tell us more than the first half.


CBS sure taking their sweet time.


Apparently the UH-SMU game is less important than Air Force and Navy playing their damn alma mater.

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Ellis Jefferson getting to start even after Applewhite said his two OPIs this season should never happen. He loves his transfers.

Mulbah Car un to run

Congratulations Navy! Anchors aweigh!

And now a commercial break before going to our game? I hope we never play on CBS Sports ever again. I’d rather be on ESPN3.