GameStop shares soar 60% as trader 'Roaring Kitty', who drove meme craze, returns

They exposed how a stock can easily be manipulated. My kids made a small profit on Robinhood with GME the last time this happened.

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Man I remember the GameStop wallstreetbets thing back in 2020-21

What a time that was lol

It’s back

GME jumped up to $40

Trading almost to 80 in pre-market. This is crazy.


Too late.

I’d like to see a stock with some backbone and substance be manipulated like this….then we’ll see how far it can go before the bottom drops out……much harder to decipher what’s happening inside.

But they took a stock that is worthless for all intents and purposes that was in the single dollars and took it to $400 by squeezing short sellers.