Garrett Davis blowing up Perine

Was sick brah.

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Caption 1: "Hi there! We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed your visit to H-Town today. Hopefully in the near future, we’ll be meeting on a more regular basis. Have a Cougar Day! :wink: "

Caption 2: “There is a climate change in the offing. Example 1 herein presented.”

Adams popping Mayfield was nice, too.

Did anyone else notice that the OU player that got hurt in our opening drive was hit by ward, they showed the reply and it was pretty clear that ward leveled him. Didn’t realize a 190 pound QB could hit like that.

Pretty Sure that was not our QB. 2 #1’s on the squad.

Garrett wears #1 on D.

We were on offense and the play was a design run by ward so I am positive it was ward, when they replayed it on the screen you could clearly see ward hit him square in the chest and it took him like five or ten minutes to finally get up and get off the field after

OH now I know what you are talking about… yeah it knocked OK #10 out of the game.

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