Garrison Vaughn

So true.

Kirven was a beast versus UNT


Kirven has been making plays when he is on the field. A very good player from a small school with a very successful football program.


Even if the Vaughan’s think it’s spelled identically?

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Mart has 7 state titles.

Lota these 2* atheletes ya’ll whined about getting are quite productive


I don’t know why anyone would complain about getting a player, Garrison Vaughn, that was a 6A 1st team All State safety in Texas.


I don’t remember anyone complaining.


They did in his commitment thread.

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Unfortunately Coogfans logic tends to be if Alabama doesn’t offer you then there’s a reason to complain.

This one?


I think he was talking about Kirven.

This thread is about Vaughn and Kirven doesn’t appear to have any Ivy league offers.

Either way, I don’t see much there about Kirven either. Progs questioned it a bit but no one ever claimed he was a spokesman for the board.


Up there ^^^^ Kirven was mentioned, and then someone mentioned people complaining about 2 star athletes. Kirven is a two star. I made the mistake of thinking that everything pertaining to Kirven would be in his recruiting thread. Then I realized that this is Coogfans, nothing remains on topic or fully consolidated. I can do some digging, but I promise you, many people complained about Kirven and other 2 star guys throughout their recruitment. It wasn’t just Progs or a single person.

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The OP started this thread on Vaughn and that’s who responded to me. That’s what I originally responded to as well.

Yes, and then you responded to another person who was talking about Kirven (not GV); the thread went sideways when CoogDefender posted about Kirven (first comment). Others responded about Kirven in a Vaughn thread, and here we are.

I responded to someone talking about Vaughn.

Ok. :grinning:

Cousins. “A” is for “aristocracy”

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I love anyone that plays vicious.