Gearing Up For March Madness 2023

I’ve been shopping around today online, I ran across this tshirt of the month club I haven’t seen before.

They do claim to be officially licensed. I will post other stuff I find to this thread, generally I will only post officially licensed merch.

Is it too much to ask for some more Jordan Gear?

Seriously, I could rock COOGS gear with my 1’s all day if they sold more shirts/sweaters that had Jordan brand on them.

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I’m finding final four tickets a little pricey so I’ve started entering sweepstakes.

Here’s one:

Got a new baby? Here’s some great mittens for the baby.

Picnic in the park?

Basketball style shorts and some other stuff from Young Kings brand.

Just saw a couple new Tshirt designs from 19nine. Unfortunately they don’t have the “chase the crown” design for us.