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The Astros cheating scandal has taken center stage. I am just curious if Coog fans view pushing the envelope as part of sports or is it cheating?

To put it into Coog perspective, would you gladly accept 9-3 if it was clean and above board or would you want us to push the envelope, knowing other schools are pushing the envelope.

No I wouldn’t…reason, see Astros. We will always get caught and punished…no!

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If you aint cheating, you aint trying.


My thoughts on the matter.


Dont they steal signs in football also? What’s the difference?


You can only get away with cheating if you are a media darling like the team in Austin or most of the SEC. Then anything goes. We are outlaws, not cheaters, and if we got caught cheating then our own local media will try to bury us. I’d rather not cheat, not just for that, but for the principle.


If you are going to be an outlaw and you have to be an outlaw, be the best outlaw.

Represent the people who need outlaws well.


Taking advantages of gaps in rules or advances in technology to get a competitive advantage is not cheating. It is doing what it takes to win.

I have had more than 1 person claim that the way Holgerson is interpreting the 4 games redshirt rule to redshirt upper classmen is cheating.


I think the Astros current situation is a lot like the SWC in the 70s-80s. Piss off the big dog (UT; NYY/Bos/LAD) and they look for ways to get back at you.

Cougars kept beating UT during the aforementioned times so UT used their influence to beat us back down. Doesn’t matter that they were doing it to, they are allowed, not us.

Astros beat the Red Sox, Yankees, and Dodgers in 2017 and beat the Yankees again this season. Red Sox and Yankees already got a slap on the wrist fine for similar findings, and everyone knows that sign stealing is wide-spread. But, those teams want blood because they don’t like to lose, especially to a team from Houston.


Very good analogy.

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I separate pro from amateur in my mind.

Amateurism should be sacred. No PEDs, no millions of dollars for players, coaches, or anyone else who seeks to profit off the short period of time that should be about comprehensive personal development, even if that does create an opportunity for professional sports afterward.

On the other hand, I regard professionals as having sold out for maximum performance. That’s not a moral judgement, except that it promotes the expectation that those involved will do everything possible to perform at their peak. If the dollars are there, make it rain. If you don’t mind the side effects, take the roids and do something amazing. Nobody forces anyone into pro sports. Just understand what you may sacrifice by pursuing it. Teams want to use technology? Don’t start passing ex post facto rules, find ways to compete better.

People are ruining college sports by treating it like the pros, and they sound ridiculous when they treat pros like noble amateurs.


I don’t think, “well other people are doing it” is a good rationale.

Competition should be fair otherwise, it becomes a competition to see who can cheat the most.

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You play to win the game. I don’t care what anyone says; they can’t un-play the games. Are they going to confiscate the rings? Am I going to get the hours of sleep back? Are they going to Go back in time and stop the parade? Go ask some USC fans if 2004 means any less to them now, or ask Louisville about 2013. Retroactively forfeiting games is an imaginary punishment.

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I think theres a fine line. Roids No, Technology maybe. Why are there signs. Just make them more complicated or have a Gameplan before.

You’re making it public, you know theres a camera looking at you from center field for the people at home. Come on. Same with Football.

If you’re putting up billboards with faces or words and i crack it or you say a word or you touch a certain part of your face and i see you run a certain option or play. Thats not my fault. Thats your fault for making it easy.

There were 3 other teams with 100+ wins. Are we sure they didnt steal signs also or is this just a we’re scared of the Astros type of thing


The question that I have on this is why did Fiers come up with these allegations?
Fiers went 8-10 and was not retained by the Astros…He signed for $6M with Detroit. Was he upset that he was not retained and has since held a grudge against the Astros?

Does anyone in their right mind think that opposing Teams are not stealing opponents signs? That is the oldest baseball dirty secret. They all do it, have done it and will continue to do it.
I will go one step further. The catcher gets a signal from the pitching Coach. Then he relays it to the pitcher. By definition you expose yourself to get your signals “found out or stolen”
Why on earth would not the pitching Coach send a plethora of signals meaning the same signal? Coaching with all sports is a chess game. You always want to be at least one step ahead. I am not promoting cheating. I find it utterly preposterous that anyone would be even surprised that it happened. Seriously? MLB is the same league that refuses to have an open book at analysing their baseball. They are the same league that promoted the steroid area.
I will add with let’s have cameras all over the stadium. Who cares? Be creative with your signals and let’s play ball.

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Agree, especially in regard to college sports.