George C Scott Really Paraphrased

Lots of stuff comes out on D Day Anniversary.

I found Patton’s actual speech to his troops. I never had a commander like that.


I find it funny how different Patton’s voice was from George C Scott’s. Apparently Scott tried to sound like him in the first few days of shooting but they abandoned it pretty quick

It was really cool visiting Patton’s grave while in Luxembourg. I think we need more “eloquent profanity” in society.

Thank you for posting Chris. I tried the youtube address but his speech has been removed. So I did another search.

Some of us recognize whom is narrating the video.

So Patton never said “when you stick your hand into a pile of goo that used to be your friend you’ll know what to do” Francis Ford Coppola wrote much of Patton before being fired. I wore out the VHS of Patton as much as Superman as a kid. Always meant to stop at the Patton Museum in Arizona.

I read many of his letters that had been compiled. One word: Certifiable.

The Patton Museum is in California. We are stopping there next time we head West.

Must be near the border. I know I’ve driven past it so many times making the trek from LA to Houston

And don’t forget MacArthur, Eisenhower and Patton’s involvement in this disgrace:

Marching on History | History | Smithsonian Magazine

The Patton Museum is in Chiriaco Summit, California.

It is off I-10, east of Palm Desert.

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