Get ready for 15-20K crowds this year again ..Sigh

After today’s disaster this season is going to be another season of no buzz and no fan engagement…

Sometimes its hard to be a cougar…


I will be showing up regardless. Go coogs!


Damn, after reading many comments here on Coogfans, I figured the consensus would be to shut the football program down. One bad game against a school the has a sports budget 10 times greater than ours is a death knell . . . . .

It’s not one bad game. There have been 21 of them.


But it wasn’t just a bad game. It was the same bad game we’ve seen in basically every loss and frankly the wins too. We only play one half of a game, the offense is beyond ineffective, Tune makes terrible decisions. Rinse and repeat the only question is is it The terrible first half then we fight out of a hole, or the terrible second half where we give up or lead.

The time for apologism and excuse making is over.