Get to know UH junior defensive back, Grant Stuard

Q: How has Coach Gideon helped you grow as a defensive back?

A: Coach Gideon has helped me more as a person more than anything I think. Of course, he has taught me more football than anybody that I have been around. He makes me feel comfortable playing, he lets me play how I play, and he just demands a certain standard from all of us in the room. Through our conversations, he has also demanded a standard from me in my life personally. I think that is what I am most grateful for from him. The way he has impacted me as an individual, and kind of helped me in areas of my life like accountability, responsibility. He has sent an example for me as well. He is probably the first adult that has held me to a high level of accountability since I have been in college.

What a great article about a great young man. The more I know about him, the more I like him. He has been one of my favorites since he started playing. He gives all he has in every game; you can’t ask mre than that. Yeah, he makes mistakes now and then; but I can handle mistakes from all out effort.