Getting a 1976 Vibe With UH Basketball

Yes, its still early and this post may not age well, but I am starting to get a 1976 football team vibe from the 2024 UH basketball team. 1976 was the first year UH football competed for a SWC Championship. No one expected UH to compete for a championship after a 2-8 record in 1975. Alas, UH surprised everyone in 1976 by being SWC Co-Champs and winning the Cotton Bowl.

2023-24 is the first season UH Basketball is competing for the B12 title. Expectations are much higher for this team than the 1976 football team, but like the football team, UH is building momentum with each victory and turning skeptics into believers.

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1976 was different. CBY redshirted players in preparation, he sandbagged. The SWC was licking their chops, figuring our 5 year waiting period was going to payoff.
This basketball team was good coming in. They were ranked #1 last year. I don’t think the conference thought we would be this good.