Getting love on esipn...also Tom Herman不


Tom Herman got an unsportsmanlike conduct on HIM不

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I cant believe ESPN ranked the coogs at 17 in their power rankings. I think the coogs should be there but Im glad we are being recognized now.


Dont be surprised. ESPN is trying to show that they dont have bias against the AAC by ranking Houston so high after being previously unranked. Theyre also doing this because Houston is most likely the only team in the AAC that can knock off UCF and end the playoff discussion while also preserving the AACs NY6 bowl slot. Come negotiations time ESPN can show that they do show preference to the AAC by doing this.


You may be on to something. Coogs deserve to be ranked and it also provides ESPN possible cover.

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Alla others rated us at 17 as well though

King in the Heisman Five.

Love it!

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